BLACKPINK’s Nail Artist Gives A Close-Up Look Of Lisa’s Gorgeous “LALISA” Nail Art

She’s stunning from head to nail!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was certifiably gorgeous throughout her LALISA promotions! It wasn’t just her outfits and makeup that were stunning, but her nails as well. Lisa’s nail artist, Park Eun Kyung, shared close-ups of her creations on her Instagram account.

Check them out below!

1. Racer

First up, Lisa looked the part as a racer during her desert scene in the “LALISA” music video.

If you zoom in, the details on her nails matched the concept perfectly. Black and white checkers that looked like a race flag were featured on eight of her nails, and three were even given fire highlights.

| @nail_unistella/Instagram

2. Red

Red is definitely one of the colors that look best on Lisa, whether it be on her outfits, her hair, or her nails. The latter showed off Park Eun Kyung’s delicate style especially when looking at the several dotted lines on Lisa’s nails.

| @nail_unistella/Instagram

3. Bronze

Park Eun Kyung is a master at giving texture! The bronze-gold color of Lisa’s nails looked like a natural extension of her brown fur coat.

| @nail_unistella/Instagram

4. Gold

One of the highlights of “LALISA” was definitely the traditional Thai elements that were incorporated into her music video and outfit.

Her nails were also an ode to Lisa’s home country, featuring gorgeous intricate gold details.

| @nail_unistella/Instagram

5. LALISA Preview

Talk about bling, bling, and more bling! Lisa’s nails were the highlight of her teaser photo. They were filled with silver and transparent jewelry that popped out and stole everyone’s attention.

| YG Entertainment
| @nail_unistella/Instagram

Park Eun Kyung also shared more photos of the nail designs prior to Lisa wearing them. It’s certain that she takes great pains to ensure that everything is perfect down to the last detail.

| @nail_unistella/Instagram
| @nail_unistella/Instagram

She completely understood the assignment!

| @nail_unistella/Instagram

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the “LALISA” music video below!

Source: Instagram