BLACKPINK’s Lisa Drops Her Personal Playlist—Here Are All 10 Great Songs She’s Listening To

Add Lisa’s favorite songs to your own playlist!

In celebration of her solo debut with “LALISA,” BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has revealed her playlist of all the songs she’s personally listening to right now. Here are all 10 tracks to add to your own playlist.

1. “Comfortable” – H.E.R.

H.E.R’s “Comfortable” is a vulnerable, acoustic guitar-heavy ballad with a soothing feeling and loving lyrics.

2. “Ur Best Friend” – Kiana Ledé, Kehlani

“Ur Best Friend” by Kiana Ledé and Kehlani combines a deep baseline and R&B piano chords with lyrics about falling for your best friend.

3. “Alone With You” – Alina Baraz

Alina Baraz’s “Alone With You” is a gentle and intimate track that showcases the singer’s airy voice.

4. “Wild Side” – Normani, Cardi B

With its pulsing drum beat and desire-filled lyrics, “Wild Side” is a must-listen song from Normani and Cardi B.

5. “Be Quiet” – Tone Stith, Kiana Ledé

“Be Quiet” by Tone Stith and Kiana Ledé brings listeners a throwback vibe with rhythmic and luscious vocals.

6. “Damage” – H.E.R.

H.E.R’s “Damage” is sultry, soulful, and centered on love, with authentic lyrics about a relationship that could make or break you.

7. “Promises” – Cleo Sol

One of the standout tracks on Cleo Sol’s highly personal and emotive new album, Cleo Sol’s “Promises” also makes an appearance on Lisa’s playlist.

8. “Wild” – Kali Claire

“Wild” by Kali Claire is a simple acoustic song, but it stands out thanks to Claire’s emotion-laden, honey-filled vocals.

9. “When You Love Someone” – Tone Stith, H.E.R.

With a simple beat and guitar at its core, “When You Love Someone” is a heartbreak anthem from Tone Stith and H.E.R.

10. “Red Lights” – RINI, Wale

Finally, RINI’s “Red Lights” with Wale is a neo-soul track being hailed as the artists’ greatest thanks to layered vocals and a catchy instrumental.

Naturally, Lisa also added her awesome new tracks “LALISA” and “MONEY” to the playlist. Check out her solo debut here:

Source: Spotify