If You Think Your Luck Is Bad, Be Glad You’re Not BLACKPINK’s Lisa

SOS! Someone save Lisa!

Some idols have all the luck, others not so much and every BLINK knows exactly what kind of luck BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has. If you’ve ever been concerned with your own bad luck, just take a look at Lisa to feel a little bit better. No matter what we’ll always love Lisa, but seriously, can someone please give this poor girl a break!


1. That time she was soaked in one second

Lisa’s luck was on full display when BLACKPINK went on Running Man. When she was made to play this game all it took was a single stick to be pulled before Lisa was soaked through!


2. And it didn’t even matter when she wasn’t playing

Even when Lisa didn’t have the watery hat strapped to her head, she was still KOed by her fellow members!


3. When all Lisa had to do was avoid the “R” tile…and of course, didn’t!

While it would have been great if Lisa could have flipped her shoe onto a black tile, her teammates were just hoping that she could avoid the “R” tile.


Unfortunately, Lisa’s luck held out and it landed exactly where they hoped it wouldn’t!


4. That time Lisa had to go to the waiting room of terror

During BLACKPINK’s appearance on a radio show, Jennie guessed that Lisa would not be able to complete the given challenge and would end up in the waiting room of terror!


True to Lisa’s luck she did lose. And although she was given the chance to escape the room by successfully winning a game of Go, we all know that just wasn’t in the cards for our unlucky idol!


5. When Lisa’s luck ran out at the archery range

Going into the match against Rosé, Lisa was feeling pretty confident because she was good at VR archery. Unfortunately, real life turned out to be a lot different than anything she’d experienced before.


6. That time Jennie and Lisa went bowling

Jennie and Lisa went out bowling with their managers. While things were going pretty good for Lisa in the beginning, the tide ended up turning and Lisa’s bad luck returned.


7. That time Rosé and Lisa turned into Daddy Woongie

After losing out to Jennie and Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa had to give a special performance complete with a fake mustache. At Lisa wasn’t the only one with bad luck this time!


8. When Lisa attempted to go sledding

Lisa’s best attempts at keeping her sled on the course just didn’t go all that well!


9. That time Lisa and Jisoo got lost in a maze

Since Jisoo had visited the maze on Jeju Island before the girls were actually at an advantage. But you should already know how this one ends.