BLACKPINK Releases Japanese MV Of “Lovesick Girls”—Here Are 5 Scenes That Are Different From The Korean Version

You can’t miss #4.

BLACKPINK recently dropped the music video of their Japanese version of “Lovesick Girls.” Though majority is similar to the original, several new scenes were added.

Check them out below!

1. First Chorus

First of all, the original music video showed a more complete choreography for the first chorus.

In the Japanese version, the girls were instead seen in a pink car, cruising in a new set.

2. Rosé

Rosé’s close-up was a initially a diagonal shot with the skyline in the background.

In the newly-released version, she’s in the car with her pink hair down.

3. Jisoo And Jennie

Around the one minute mark, Jisoo was given a solo scene during the chorus. The dance sequence was also shown briefly.

In the Japanese version, it was Jennie in the pink car who was mostly focused on.

4. Jisoo’s Bridge

Jisoo’s most memorable part is arguably when she sings the bridge of the song in a mini pool.

In the Japanese version, a new side angle of the same scene was included.

5. Ending

Finally, a fast sequence of each member was shown when the last line of “Lovesick Girls” is sung. While most of the members’ shots were the same, Jisoo’s was changed in the Japanese version. From her crying pool scene…

Jisoo in the Korean version | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

…to her shot in the flower bed, it was a pleasant surprise.

Jisoo in the Japanese version | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out their full music videos below!

Korean Version

Japanese Version

Source: YouTube