20 BLACKPINK Memes That Will Make You Say “That’s So Me”

These memes are in your area, and they’re totally relatable.

BLACKPINK‘s members are all talented, gorgeous, and totally relatable. These 20 BLACKPINK memes will make you say, “that’s so me”.


1. Nailing the #dollypartonchallenge

2. The future is bright

3. I don’t speak “hater”

4. Worst idea ever

5. Waiting on YG like:

6. Dr. Mom in your area

7. This friendly suggestion

8. The disrespect

9. When you’re a BLINK, but also a Disney nerd:

10. More lies from the internet

11. Beauty sleep

12. Singing K-Pop

13. Too much drunk

14. When you’re fresh out of patience

15. This duality

16. Language barriers

17. Trying not to laugh

18. This classic:

19. No chicken is safe

20. BLINKs everywhere: