BLACKPINK’s Moon Signs And What They Mean

Do you have the same moon sign as any of the members?

While our sun signs influence our personalities and how other people see us, our moon signs influence our emotions, our inner worlds, and other significant aspects of who we are.

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Considering the important role moon signs play in determining who we are, it’s no wonder that astrology enthusiasts want to know the moon signs of everyone they’d like to know better, including their favorite celebrities!

Here are the moon signs of the BLACKPINK members along with an explanation of what their moon signs mean.

1. Jisoo

Jisoo’s moon sign is Aquarius. Aquarius is known as one of the most rebellious and quirky signs of the zodiac, and people with this moon sign greatly value their independence and love to express themselves. People with this moon sign have a great sense of humor, so this moon sign totally fits Jisoo’s hilarious personality!

People with Aquarius as their moon sign are great conversationalists, and they love finding a group of like-minded friends that understand them. People with this moon sign can also find a way to relate to everyone, and they look for similarities between people as opposed to looking for differences between people. No wonder Jisoo gets along so well with all the BLACKPINK members, despite their different backgrounds!

Although people with Aquarius moons value their independence and being able to think for themselves, they may sometimes feel like outsiders because people don’t understand them. Once they find a group of people who truly get them, that feeling disappears and they know they can be themselves without having to worry about what other people think. Thankfully, Jisoo has a group of wonderful ladies around her who adore her!

2. Jennie

Jennie’s moon sign is Scorpio. This sign is known for being super sensitive, and people with this moon sign feel everything deeply. Although some people mistakenly consider sensitivity a weakness, people with a Scorpio moon can harness the power of their emotions to create something beautiful. They pour what they’re feeling into whatever they’re doing or creating. No wonder Jennie’s able to perfectly pull off every type of concept and express all types of emotions on stage!

Since they’re so in touch with their own feelings, people with Scorpio moons are great at helping other people to work through their feelings. They’re natural-born psychologists, and their friends and family always turn to them for advice or when they need to vent. People with this moon sign are also very private people, so everyone who turns to them knows they can trust them with any secret. If the BLACKPINK members ever need friendly advice, Jennie would be the perfect person to turn to!

People with Scorpio moons often have a hard time opening up to others because they are such private people. Still, they have an intense need to be close to other people. Once a person with a Scorpio moon finds people they can trust, they tap into their more vulnerable side and feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with other people. Considering how close the members are, it looks like Jennie has plenty people to rely on whenever she needs!

3. Rosé

Rosé’s moon sign is Aries. People with this moon sign crave independence and have a true zest for life. They go their own way and are the types of people who will go wherever their dreams take them. Rosé’s lifelong passion for music and her goal of making her dreams of becoming a musician come true is definitely proof that she has her moon sign’s hardcore determination!

People with Aries moons tend to be very bold and fearless. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is often referred to as the “infant of the zodiac,” so people with this moon sign have a childlike innocence about them and love to play and joke around. People with Aries moons are known for their bravery, and if you’ve seen Rosé ziplining on BLACKPINK House, you know she’s super brave!

People with Aries as their moon sign are creative and passionate, and they need ways to express all of their creativity and passion. Sometimes, people with an Aries moon struggle to express their emotions, and they depend on their creative outlets to help them release their feelings. Rosé’s able to express herself through her music, and she also shows off her creativity through her fashion. All in all, she lives up to her moon sign’s creative reputation!

4. Lisa

Lisa’s moon sign is Scorpio, just like Jennie! People with Scorpio moons are deeply in touch with their emotions, and they have a slightly mysterious and sensual vibe to them. No wonder Lisa’s able to pull off sexy concepts so well!

Since they’re so in touch with their own emotions, people with Scorpio moons are great at helping others to work through their feelings. Their emotional depth also makes them very caring, which is why so many people trust them and love being around them. No wonder Lisa is so adored by the members!

Although everyone opens up to them, people with Scorpio moons may struggle to open up to others. However, once they’ve found someone or a group of people they can trust, they start to open up more and more, and they let others get a glimpse into their minds. Since BLACKPINK is so close, there’s no doubting that Lisa has tons of people to open up to!