Here’s Why BLACKPINK’s Music Videos Are ALWAYS Of High Quality

Every scene of “Kill This Love” was incredible!

One thing BLINKs always look forward to during comeback season is the release of BLACKPINK‘s music video.

The girls are known for having some of the best music videos in K-Pop, mainly due to their expensive and realistic props. Instead of relying on CGI, their sets make use of the combined works of various artists.

Check out some of their most mind-blowing music video sets below!


The music video of BLACKPINK’s hit song “DDU-DU-DDU-DU” had both light and dark elements, perfectly matching the overall concept of the group.

From thousands of fake bills to a magnificent chandelier, this music video is the very definition of “extravagant”!

2. Kill This Love

Released in 2019, the music video of “Kill This Love” easily exceeded fans’ expectations—which were already high to begin with.

BLACKPINK’s staff members truly outdid themselves with the realistic sets and props.

Take these stained glass windows, for example.

Or this huge trap.

If these aren’t extra, what is?

3. Ice Cream

“Ice Cream” had a bright and and colorful music video set that perfectly matched the tone of the song.

Among the many sets, Rosé‘s garden of flowers was just breathtaking!

They even “rode” a car that was decorated with beautiful leaves and flowers…

…Not to mention the many adorable food-themed inflatables that were prepared for the set.

BLACKPINK’s music videos are art in themselves, and the best part is that they can be watched over and over again!

Source: theqoo