BLACKPINK Has New Twitter Hashflags—Here’s Why Each One Perfectly Fits Them

Rosé’s was too cute 🥺

If you’ve searched for BLACKPINK on Twitter recently, you may have noticed something new about the members’ names. They now have an image attached to their hashtags.

These are “hashflags,” customizable drawings that appear temporarily to mark a special occasion. In BLACKPINK’s case, they were added in celebration of the release of BORN PINK, their second full length album.

Each of the four members have their own designs that match them well. Check out proof of this below!

1. Lisa

Hashflag: A Cat

First up, Lisa’s hashflag was none other than a feline version of herself!

The BLACKPINK dancer is well known for being a cat mom, having five cats under her wing: Leo, Luca, Louis, Lily, and maknae Lego.

| @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

Lisa is playful and mischievous just like her cats and this was represented with the sly wink on the hashflag. As a cute additional detail, the drawing had side bangs that matched her own iconic hairstyle.


It was also an upgrade from her previous hashflag in the way that the cat’s face was finally revealed.

2. Rosé

Hashflag: Hank

Rosé’s hashflag was similar yet different from Lisa’s. She also featured an animal as her main design, but it was not a cat but her precious dog, Hank, who was the main character.

This is not the first time she gave a shoutout to her furry friend. She drew him in past schedules while gushing over his personality and habits. Every drawing so far featured Hank’s signature furry face and upright ears.

3. Jennie

Hashflag: Dumpling

Jennie’s hashflag, meanwhile, was unique insofar as it wasn’t based on an animal but a specific food. She drew herself as a mandu or dumpling, a nickname that she was given since debut thanks to her adorably pinchable cheeks.

It was cute just like her!

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

4. Jisoo

Hashflag: Shumon

Last but certainly not the least, Jisoo’s hashflag was an updated version of the character she made, Shumon. It stands for “Jisoo Monster” and she previously mentioned that it is a genderless creature that comes from dust.

She’s always been proud of her creation, carefully pointing out its features in a previous Twitter broadcast.

Jisoo’s pick was as 4-dimensional and unique as her!

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

In related news, BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” music video was released on September 16 to positive reviews. Check it out below!

Source: Twitter