Real Or Fake? 10+ BLACKPINK Photos That Look Photoshopped

From floating heads to optical illusions.

From fansite photos to magazine photoshoots, BLACKPINK‘s members always look gorgeous in pictures. Once in a while, though, BLACKPINK’s photos make fans do a double-take. Here are 10 pictures that look Photoshopped, according to fans.


1. Did Jennie shrink in the wash?

Rosé could fit her in her pocket!

2. Rosé the Giantess

Rosé is the tallest BLACKPINK member…but this is just ridiculous.

3. This meme in the making

4. Did they add them in after?

5. Lisa’s head is attached…right?

Her sweater creates a “no neck” illusion that didn’t go unnoticed.

6. The floating head phenomenon strikes again!

As this BLINK pointed out, the positioning of Jennie’s head and her body makes this photo feel a little uncanny.

7. The hovering effect

Rosé once sang, “Everything I need is on the ground“…but she’s not? Thanks to the white floor and faint shadows, Jennie and Rosé seem to be hovering.

8. This fan edit that isn’t a fan edit

As one fan pointed out, Jennie and Lisa snapped this photo together at Coachella, but it almost looks like Lisa was added in later.

9. When your visuals are a little too unreal…

10. Add a dash of Lalisa

Lisa looks a little too unreal to be real in this photo, but Jisoo’s arm could also be mistaken for hers at first glance!


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