9 Of BLACKPINK’s Most Unique Hairstyles In “Pink Venom”

Only the girls could pull off some of these looks.

BLACKPINK made their long-awaited comeback with “Pink Venom” and delivered such a high-budget music video that it immediately shot to the number one spot on the trending list. To celebrate, here are nine of the most unique hairstyles from the music video that only the four members could pull off.

Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé. | YG Entertainment

1. Traditional Braid

Perfectly tying into the traditional theme of her scene, Jisoo wore half of her hair braided into a crown but made it pop with colorful flowers and long bangs.


2. Long Ponytails

Because the group never plays it safe, Jennie elevated the look of two ponytails by making them super long and adding a braid for a unique twist.


3. Braided Pigtails

Lisa rocked a fresh twist on the half-up, half-down look. With her hair curled and a swooped side bang, her two pigtails on the top were braided for a unique look.


4. Braid Crown

Like Jisoo, Jennie took a simple look and spiced it up with a small addition. Giving the braid crown a pop of color to match her outfit, she accessorized it with a red flower right in the center.


5. Bow Buns

Putting a twist on space buns, Rosé‘s two buns were shaped into bows and highlighted with red elastics.


6. Long Bubble Ponytail

Since Jennie elevated the look of two ponytails by making them longer, their hairstylists did the same for Jisoo and spiced it up with the bubble ponytail trend.


7. Side Bangs

Because Lisa is known for wearing full bangs, she stepped out of her usual style for side bangs and a ponytail that matched the fierce vibe.


8. Ombre Braid

Once again putting a fresh twist on simple styles, Rosé rocked a long braid and messy bangs taken to the next level by her ombre hair color for dimension.


9. Braids With Bows

Jennie’s most interesting hairstyle in the music video was a fusion of straight hair mixed with chunky braids and accessorized with red bows. It’s a style only she could pull off.

Source: YouTube