BLACKPINK Proved They’re Trendsetters By Spearheading These 7 Casual Fashion Styles

They lead, others follow.

The BLACKPINK members don’t just follow trends—they set them. If you see these 7 casualwear styles out and about, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa may be to thank.

1. Hip Monochrome

Sometimes, a black-and-white look can feel boring. But BLACKPINK have been switching up the game recently, showing how to make a monochrome look feel more hip. Here, Jennie added interesting texture to a black-and-white outfit by wearing a ruffled maxi skirt.

Lisa made her monochrome look more fun by wearing a black-and-white gingham crop top instead of putting the colors together separately.

2. Flattering Tracksuits

As new models for Adidas, it’s no surprise that the BLACKPINK members have been making tracksuits a staple in their casual wardrobe. Tracksuits are perfect for intense dance training too. But instead of making them look slouchy and unflattering, they go with interesting cuts and color choices. Here, Lisa wore shorts instead of long pants.

Jisoo, on the other hand, traded black for grey with white and red stripes.

3. Breezy Sundresses

Once the weather warms up where you are, take some style inspiration from BLACKPINK and don an airy sundress. Rosé put a twist on the look by opting for a two-piece set with sundress-like ruffles and pleats.

Jennie took the trend more literally in this light floral sundress.

4. Mini Dresses

Another weather-permitting look the members never miss the chance to serve is a simple mini dress style. Jisoo showed how a mini dress can look casual by throwing a long cardigan over one in London.

Rosé, on the other hand, made a statement in an animal-print mini dress in Hawaii.

5. Schoolgirl Chic

BLACKPINK have been rocking the schoolgirl chic look on stage since debut, but now they’re bringing it to their casual style too. Rosé showed her version of the style in a shirt, pleated skirt, and beret.

Jisoo went with a more feminine version of the look by pairing her skirt with a puffy-sleeved top.

6. Royal Blue

When it comes to wearing blues, most people keep things safe by opting for navy or pastel. BLACKPINK, on the other hand, have pulled off royal blue numerous times in their casual looks. Take Jisoo’s royal blue coat, for example.

Or, take a look at Rosé’s royal blue tracksuit bottoms, which bring an edge to what would otherwise be a nondescript outfit.

7. Chic Camel

Instead of opting for the safest neutral tones, the BLACKPINK members have been showing out in chic camel tones. Here, Rosé paired a camel coat with all-black jeans and crop top for a sexy businesswoman vibe.


Jisoo went even heavier on the camel theme by donning a camel suit at the Burberry store.