These Real BLACKPINK Members Vs. AI-Generated BLACKPINK Show That AI Art Has Nothing On Actual Artists

These are just eerie 😂

With the use of AI in K-Pop and the world in general becoming much more common, a lot of people are understandably worried about their jobs and livelihoods being taken over by artificial intelligence. Artists especially have been feeling threatened by the rise in AI-generated art, and there are many online programs that can generate such art in a matter of seconds or minutes. However, such “art” is often flawed and lacks creativity that can only be accomplished by real people, and we recently generated some photorealistic-style paintings of BLACKPINK‘s members to prove it. Using the Hotpot AI Art Generator, here’s a look at some eerie renditions of each of the members.

1. Jisoo


It’s hard to capture Jisoo’s natural beauty even in photographs, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that AI can’t do it, either. Here’s the result using just the prompt “Jisoo”, which only vaguely resembles her.

When using the prompt “Jisoo from BLACKPINK”, the results seem to be even further from the one above, which is odd.

Finally, using her full name — Kim Jisoo — the AI gives us a woman that looks even more dissimilar than the previous two photos!

2. Jennie


Not too surprisingly, when only giving the AI generator the prompt “Jennie”, we’re given a woman that clearly isn’t based on the BLACKPINK member at all. Jennie is too common of a name for celebrities, after all, to get accurate results.

When narrowing the prompt to “Jennie from BLACKPINK”, the generator does give us a photo that at least vaguely looks like it could have a little bit of inspiration from Jennie’s actual visuals… But it still doesn’t look like her.

Lastly, when using Jennie’s full name — Jennie Kim — for the prompt, the photo that’s given as a result once again veers further away from the BLACKPINK member into someone we don’t recognize at all.

3. Rosé


We thought that, given the unique way that Rosé spells her name, using just “Rosé” for the prompt would give us something that seemed to be based off of her appearance. But nope — this was what was presented instead!

The following prompt, “Rosé from BLACKPINK”, did get us quite a bit closer to the BLACKPINK member’s actual appearance, though there’s still definitely something off about it.

Finally, using Rosé’s full name — Roseanne Park — made the AI generator give us this photo, which not only doesn’t look remotely like Rosé, but looks like a much older person overall!

4. Lisa


Like Jennie, Lisa is a much too-common name for the AI to know which Lisa we wanted it to create, so this was what it gave us when we used the simple prompt “Lisa”.

Giving the generator the prompt “Lisa from BLACKPINK” did get us closer to Lisa’s actual visuals… But that’s not saying a whole lot. We can see where it might have gotten a bit of accuracy with some of her features, but there are a whole lot that are still very off.

And for the last prompt using Lisa’s full name — Lalisa Manobal — we expected something similar to the one above, if not a little more accurate to her. However, for some reason that prompt seemed to take the generator even further away from Lisa!

While it can be fun to see what the AI generator presents us with for these “experiments”, they definitely shouldn’t be used to accurately depict K-Pop idols!


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