Here Are 4 Interactions BLACKPINK’s Rosé Had With Celebrities At The Met Gala That Prove She Was The Belle Of The Ball

Everyone wanted a piece of Rosé!

Along with CL, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé became one of the first female K-Pop idols to attend the annual Met Gala. It is a huge deal for the two artists, as the guest list is always exclusive and features only the top designers, models, and celebrities. 

Yet, although it was a huge honor for Rosé, it seems like the other celebrities were just as excited to see and hang out with the BLACKPINK singer! Here is a look at four interactions between Rosé and celebrities that prove she was the star of the event!

1. Olivia Rodrigo

Although the Met Gala red carpet was the main attraction, fans also had eyes on what was going on inside. With all the top celebrities letting their hair down, it is a great place to see interactions. In particular, fans noticed that Rosé was sat next to singer Olivia Rodrigo during the event.

They also seemed to be having fun together in a much more relaxed environment. After being spotted together earlier in the year, could this new friendship hint at a future collaboration?

2. Gigi Hadid

When it comes to legendary visuals together, nothing is more iconic than Rosé and model Gigi Hadid. The two were seen leaving the event simultaneously, but the interactions between the two were confirmed on Instagram.

Rosé posted a selfie of the two on her account, and there might not have been a more visually perfect image from the entire event.

| @roses_are_rosie/ Instagram
| @roses_are_rosie/ Instagram

3. Taila Ryder

American actress Taila Ryder made waves on the red carpet with her stunning outfit. Yet, fans seemed even more interested in the interactions between her and Rosé!

The two looked flawless at the event and were even spotted leaving together with their arms linked like true best friends and relaxing at the after-party. Despite the age gap, they seemed to have fun and looked amazing at the same time.

| @roses_are_rosie/ Instagram

4. Hailey Beiber

Although Rosé and Hailey Beiber didn’t meet, the supermodel deserves a special mention as she gained attention for fangirling about Rosé. In a video posted online, fans managed to make out what she was saying.

It seems as if Hailey was saying, “From BLACKPINK? Yeah. Well, I don’t know her actually … haven’t met her before but she’s so famous. BLACKPINK is amazing.” Even those who haven’t met Rosé can’t seem to get enough!

With more to come from everything that happened during the Met Gala, hopefully, there will be more interactions between Rosé and celebrities. There is no denying that everyone she meets immediately becomes a fangirl, and it is no surprise why.

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