6 New Things We’ve Learned About BLACKPINK’s Rosé In 2021

New behind the scenes stories and fun facts.

We’re only halfway through 2021, but we’ve already learned many new things about BLACKPINK‘s Rosé this year. Check out these 6 interesting facts!


1. Her first impressions

Rosé told Rolling Stone her first impression of each BLACKPINK member. Back when she joined YG Entertainment in 2012, Jennie helped Rosé learn the basics of choreography and Korea’s cultural customs.

Jennie and Rosé

[Jennie] was like, ‘In Korea, you have to do this. You have to call people like this and that.’ She was letting me know about all these cultures that I thought I knew about, but I obviously didn’t. That was her.

— Jennie

Lisa was the first member Rosé met. Rosé recalled bonding with Lisa over their shared experiences; they had both traveled far from home to join YG Entertainment.

Lisa and Rosé

Rosé’s first impression of Jisoo was that she was a “cool kid.” She recalled Jisoo’s snapback hat and her oversized black shirt.

Rosé and Jisoo

2. Her favorite city

In an interview with Tatler, Rosé said her favorite city is New York. Its bustling urban life amazed her when she visited for the first time.

| Tiffany & Co.

My favorite city has got to be New York City. When I visited New York for the first time, I was absolutely star-struck and blown away at all the tall buildings and busy streets.

— Rosé

She also loves New York because it’s the backdrop for her favorite movies.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

I hadn’t noticed that all of my favorite movies were based in New York until I was right there. It was the city that I had fallen in love with in the movies.

— Rosé

3. Her wish

In a live broadcast, Rosé was asked, “What’s your first part-time job?” Since Rosé became a trainee at a young age, she has never had a part-time job.

Rosé told fans that she wishes she could try working as a part-time server at a cafe.

4. What she misses about Australia

On the Australian show The Project, Rosé said she misses the Australian lifestyle. The suburb of Bulleen, where she lived in Australia, is much quieter than Seoul.

There are so many things that I do miss about Australia. I think there’s quite a lot of things that I may have taken for granted. Maybe just the lifestyle. [. . .] I really just miss the quietness, and I don’t know… The whole lifestyle was very relaxed.

— Rosé

5. The musical instrument she wants to learn

In an interview, Rosé said she can play the piano and guitar. At the time of the interview, she had recently tried playing the harmonica. It’s an instrument she would like to get better at playing.

| APRÈS 0129/YouTube

Not long ago, I tried playing the harmonica. I attempted it during an interview, but it was very difficult. It is a lot more difficult than I had thought. The sound is… anyways, I want to learn it. I will work hard to learn it. I will try practicing it.

— Rosé

6. The reason why she cried in Thailand

On SBS‘s variety show My Little Old Boy, Rosé recalled the bean sprouts she ordered in Thailand, gushing over how “fresh,” “thick,” and “crunchy” they were.

| SBS NOW / SBS 공식 채널/YouTube

They were the tastiest bean sprouts I’ve ever had.

— Rosé

When I eat good food,” she said. “I get quite emotional sometimes.” Long story short, the bean sprouts were amazing enough to bring tears to her eyes!

| SBS NOW / SBS 공식 채널/YouTube

I couldn’t stop my tears from running down because those bean sprouts were just too good.

— Rosé