Here Are The 6 Reasons BLACKPINK’s Rosé Deserves To Be The First Female K-Pop Idol To Attend The Met Gala

Fingers crossed for red carpet Rosé! 🤞

Celebrity photographer Miles Diggs has spotted BLACKPINK‘s Rosé in New York City after leaving a fitting with Yves Saint Laurent this weekend. This appearance in the big apple coincidentally aligns with the Met Gala happening in NYC on Monday, September 13.

| @diggzy/Instagram

With the Met Gala being famous for its secret guest list until the night of the event, BLINKs will have to wait until the red carpet begins at 5:30 pm EST to see if Rosé will bring her gorgeous visuals to make an appearance.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

While fans can’t be sure, many signs point to why this might be Rosé’s year to bring K-Pop beauty to one of the biggest fashion stages in the world. Here are 6 reasons Rosé deserves to be a part of the 2021 Met Gala.

1. K-Pop First for a Met Gala First?

Fashion fans might’ve been confused when they discovered that the Met Gala this year has been moved to September. That’s because the event would usually fall on the first Monday in May, but this was unable to happen due to the pandemic.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the Met Gala is held. |

The minds behind the Met Gala are clever and instead decided to split the Met Gala into two parts. The part in September marks a first for the Met Gala, not only in the date chosen but in the way the guest list has been split. For social distancing, the list has been reduced by about 1/3.

The stairs of “The Met” decorated for the Met Gala. |

What does this mean for Rosé? Since the Met Gala is making history with a series of firsts, this would be the perfect time for another first: First Female K-Pop Idol to attend the gala. With the guest list even smaller than usual, it would make this exclusive invite even more special.


2. For The Youth

The Met Gala is clearly attempting to court a younger audience this year with big Gen Z names like actor Timothée Chalamet, tennis star Naomi Osaka, poet laureate Amanda Gorman, and singer Billie Eilish selected to co-chair the event.

Billie Eilish at the Oscar Awards. |

The designers invited are also younger than usual. The New York Times reported that this year “the exhibition it celebrates is 70 percent young designers, most of whom have never gotten to go to the gala or imagined their clothes might end up in the museum.”

Rihanna at the Met Gala 2015 |

With an attempt to bring a younger, more diverse audience into the event, it would only make sense to invite one of the biggest stars, not only in K-Pop but also in the world right now. Rosé has the potential to bring in a whole new set of eyes to this year’s carpet.

3. Honoring the Honorary Chairs

While Gen Z may be the co-chairs this year, the gala’s honorary chairs are still very relevant to the way people of all ages consume their fashion. The honorary chairs will be fashion designer Tom Ford, the Head of Instagram  Adam Mosseri, and Vogue‘s Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour.

Anna Wintour |

Rosé happens to have a connection with all of these icons. A few years back, she was spotted shopping with Jennie at Tom Ford boutique in Sydney, showing a love for the designer. Rosé is connected to Mosseri by being one of the top 100 most-followed people on Instagram. Finally, Rosé has made appearances on the cover of multiple countries’ Vogue magazines, connecting her to Wintour.

Rosé on the cover of Vogue Korea | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

4. Taking Saint Laurent Global

Designers invite attendees to the gala to wear their clothing. Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most famous names in fashion and has provided looks for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars at past galas, including Shawn MendesZoë Kravitz, and Liam Hemsworth, to name a few.

Zoë Kravitz |

In 2020, Rosé was named as the brand’s first global ambassador in 59 years. Since last year’s Met Gala was canceled, it would only make sense for the brand to bring their beloved muse to this year’s event as a way to introduce her at a major fashion event finally.

Rosé at Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Show |

5. NYC is alive and fierce!

New York City was hit relatively hard by the beginning of the pandemic. Many considered the city “dead’ and major news networks would even show live streams of the iconic Times Square completely emptied to demonstrate how bad it had gotten.

Times Square During Quarantine |

As the conditions in the city have improved, there has been an active campaign to reintroduce NYC on a world stage to show that the city is just as vibrant as ever. A great way to show faith in the city is to have an international idol like Rosé travel out to attend the show. The hope is that maybe the world will see just how strong the city is.

Rosé’s Tiffany & Co. Ad in NYC |

6. Rosé deserves to be seen!

The most obvious reason Rosé should be at this year’s Met Gala is that the world deserves to see her. In the past year, she has successfully made a full group comeback with BLACKPINK, signed multiple brand deals, and made her solo debut. If that isn’t red carpet-worthy, then we don’t know what is!

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