10 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Proved They Have The Cutest Friendship

They are two cuties!

Time and time again, Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri and BLACKPINK‘s Rosé have made all of us swoon over their lovely friendship. From their cute dates to showering each other with gifts, Hyeri and Rosé have the kind of friendship we all strive to have.

Here are 10 times BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Girls Day’s Hyeri proved they have the cutest friendship

1. Amazing Saturday

Amazing Saturday might have been the first time we saw the two queens together. It was back in 2018 when Rosé and fellow bandmate Jisoo guest stared appeared on Hyeri’s show Amazing Saturday. Upon meeting, Rosé shared Hyeri asked for her number, and as a fan, Rosé revealed she was nervous and also very touched. From then on, the two shared they developed a close bond.


2. Missing each other!

You know you have a great friendship when you are always missing one another. Rosé revealed whenever they would not see each other for a while, Hyeri would text her that she misses her.

3. Vlogging and dinner dates!

Hyeri made everyone jealous when she vlogged the cutest dinner date between her and Rosé. The two immediately hugged upon meeting each other and enjoyed a nice meal. They are too cute!

4. Best friends are always supporting each other

Both Hyeri and Rosé are huge stars accomplishing various amazing things! While Hyeri is a singer, she’s also an amazing actress. Whenever Hyeri has a drama, Rosé always shows her support by sending food trucks or flowers to the filming site.

| @hyeri_0609/Instagram
| @hyeri_0609/Instagram

Of course this is not a one-sided friendship, Hyeri is always there supporting Rosé as well. Hyeri sent a food truck to the music video set of Rosé’s solo debut “On The Ground.” Hyeri also surprised Rosé with a cake to celebrate her solo debut.

5. Hyeri is a great older sister to Rosé

Rosé shared on an episode of My Little Old Boy that she believes their friendship is so great because Hyeri takes care of her like an older sister.

6. They are huge foodies!

If you’re fans of both Hyeri and Rosé then you are well aware of how the two are big foodies! Time and time again, Hyeri has wowed us with her love for food!

Rosé has also declared her love for food several times! They both make everything they eat look so yummy.

7. They have the cutest fights!

It’s normal for best friends to fight, but this argument between Rosé and Hyeri is the most precious debate out there. Before getting on set for Knowing Bros, Hyeri and Rosé argued over who had the better face shape. Let’s be honest, the two are both way too gorgeous for our eyes!

8. They’re always looking out for each other

On their appearance on Knowing Bros, Rosé shared a story of when Hyeri saved them from having some unwanted photos of them chowing down on seafood taken. Rosé claimed she was speechless and incredibly impressed.

9. When Hyeri threw Rosé a surprise party

Hyeri made sure Rosé celebrated her birthday in the best way she could. Like the great friend she is, Hyeri threw a surprise birthday party for Rosé and fans obsessed over their cute photos!

10. They can vent to each other

During their guest appearance on Knowing Bros, Rosé shared how Hyeri is always there to talk to her when she’s feeling down. Rosé was so touched by Hyeri, she couldn’t help but shedding some tears while talking about her.

| AGIVA/YouTube