BLACKPINK’s Makeup Artist Spills On How To Achieve Rosé’s Subtle Smokey Eye Makeup

Here are the 16 steps to recreate Rosé’s signature makeup look!

While BLACKPINK Rosé‘s gorgeous visuals don’t need any makeup, she often rocks a subtle smokey eye makeup look that enhances her natural beauty.

Recently, BLACKPINK’s makeup artist, Lee Myung Sun, filmed a tutorial showing exactly how to recreate the soft smokey glam look on her YouTube channel, I AM MAENG.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Here’s how to get Rosé’s signature smokey makeup look!

1. Clean and moisturized face

The first step to Rosé’s makeup look is starting with a clean base. After cleansing the face, moisturize to help achieve a naturally dewy complexion.

In the video, Lee Myung Sun uses a moisturizing multi-balm.

2. Apply foundation

To again create a dewy look, Lee Myung Sun uses a liquid foundation and applies it all over the face with a makeup brush.

For extra coverage, she goes back in with a concealer brush for more precise application in targeted areas.

3. Lightly powder

Lightly powder the T-zone, or areas that may become more oily throughout the day. For those with drier skin, Lee Myung Sun recommends going lighter on the powder.

4. Eyebrows

Lee Myung Sun shared that Rosé typically only fills in any gaps in her eyebrows, and opts more for a natural, lighter brow.

5. Lightly contour

Lee Myung Sun lightly contours along the model’s nose, following the nose bridge up to the eyebrow to add dimension to the overall makeup look.

6. Lashes

Now onto the eyes! Lee Myung Sun starts with eyelash curlers to give the lashes a dramatic look with the illusion of extra length. She started with a wider eyelash curler, then went back in with a more narrow curler to really give the lashes a defined look.

7. Eyeshadow

For the base eyeshadow, Lee Myung Sun began with a taupe shade. The base eyeshadow doesn’t have to be too dark since this is a more subtle smokey look.

Apply the eyeshadow to the eyelid and bring it up slightly above your eye’s crease line.

8. Slight wing

Bring the same taupe eyeshadow past your eye for a slight wing. For this part, keep your eyes open to see how best to angle the wing for your specific eye shape.

9. Eyeliner

To have more control over the application of the eyeliner, Lee Myung Sun uses an eyeliner brush with waterproof eyeliner.

She then applies the eyeliner tight to the waterline, just beneath the lashes. Instead of dragging the brush along the waterline, she gently taps the eyeliner onto the skin.

10. Extend the lines

After lining the waterline, go back in with the eyeliner and bring it past your eye line in a thin line. For this, she just uses gel eyeliner.

She extends the line straight past the eye with the eye open, instead of bringing the eyeliner up or down. After that, go back over the eyeliner wing if needed to smooth out any rough lines from the application.

11. Smokey eyeshadow

Now that the eyeliner has been applied, go back over the eyeliner with a deep eyeshadow to give it a smudged, smokey look.

12. False lashes (optional)

For a more natural eyelash look that gives extra volume and length, Lee Myung Sun opts for wider false eyelash clusters. She begins by applying the outermost cluster and then works her way in.

13. Mascara

After applying the false lashes, Lee Myung Sun uses a volumizing mascara, placing emphasis on the outer corner of the eye.

She then does the “fire-curling” technique which is popular among K-Pop idols. When doing this technique, Lee Myung Sun points out that it’s important to curl the lashes before the mascara completely dries.

14. Under-eye shadow

Going back to the base taupe eyeshadow used in the beginning, Lee Myung Sun lightly applies the shadow underneath the eye for a more dimensional look.

She extends the taupe eyeshadow under the eye to the eyeliner wing, again adding to the subtle smokey look.

She also brings the color up past the crease of the eye, lightly adding more depth before blending in the eyeshadow with a cotton swab.

15. Metallic eyeliner

Apply a dark gray eyeliner over the line already applied for a smokey effect. The eyeliner Lee Myung Sun used was metallic, adding a pretty shine to the look.

Blur the eyeliner with a brush or cotton swab.

16. Final touches

Apply the taupe eyeshadow above the metallic eyeliner for a shadow effect. Bring the taupe over top of the eyeliner wing, and apply once more under the eyes. This completes the eye makeup!

For more about the look, check out the full tutorial below!