15+ Reactions To BLACKPINK Rosé’s Met Gala Appearance That Perfectly Capture What We All Feel

#8 couldn’t be more true!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently graced the 2021 Met Gala, a prestigious event where only the top celebrities, designers, and models are invited to attend. As the global ambassador of luxury brand Saint Laurent, Rosé was given the highly coveted invitation!

Rosé | @ysbnow/Twitter

In no particular order, check out the best reactions to Rosé’s glorious appearance below.

1. Millions of views in minutes

2. Saint Laurent loves her

3. She did not disappoint

4. No one’s forgetting this Rosé anytime soon

5. They made Korea proud

6. She’s elegance and grace

7. Her love for fans never changes

8. Here’s an accurate description

9. Her jewelry is stunning!

10. She’s on a different level

11. She’s a real life Barbie doll

12. It’s impossible to look away from her

13. She doesn’t even need to try

14. She’s the star of the night

15. Here’s Hailey Bieber complimenting Rosé

16. Just Rosé leaving her mark on history

Meanwhile, Rosé was already breaking the internet even before she arrived at the event. Check out the best reactions below!

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Made Fans Go Wild Even Before Arriving At The Met Gala—Here Are The Best Reactions