BLACKPINK’s Reactions To Their “Coachella” Practice Stages Show A Hidden Side To Their Personalities

We don’t always see them like this.

In BLACKPINK‘s “B.P.M. Roll #21,” the girls practiced for their 2023 Coachella performance. It was a stage bigger than ever considering they were making headlines as the first K-Pop artists to ever headline the famous festival.

The leadership side of the girls that does not often get the spotlight was evident in the preparations leading up to the event.

1. Group Practice 1

First up, the group gathered around a recording of their first practice not only to monitor themselves but the entire stage. Lisa and Jisoo took the lead in identifying the changes they could make to ensure the performance was more impactful.

 It’s darker than expected so we shouldn’t wear all black from the beginning.

— Lisa

The latter stated that the color pink was the best to wear in order to complement the stage. Jisoo already factored in the extra lights that would be installed at a later date to make the area brighter.

I said pink would be better…the pin lights aren’t there yet but I said pink outfits would look better. I think it would have a stronger impact.

— Jisoo

As she wished, BLACKPINK did end up wearing pink on the second week of Coachella 2023!

2. “Gone” Solo Rehearsal

Next up, Rosé took charge in designing the type and sequence of special effects to be used during her solo performance of “GONE.” She bounced off her ideas with a staff member, drawing on an iPad the instructions on where everything was supposed to go.

Get it to its final position when I start the last chorus.

— Rosé

The final result was a colorful picture that brought to life her idea of using a comet effect coming from one end of the screen to the next.

She was given the praise, “I’m so proud of it. It also looks very…like an architectural design…a CAD sketch work.”

3. “You & Me” Practice

Jennie also spoke up when it came to the direction of her performance for “You & Me.” She gave key pointers on where it would be best to dance on stage.

Wouldn’t it be okay for me to do this up there instead? Everything is so short. So many things to consider.

— Jennie

She was satisfied after a few more rounds of practice, saying, “I love it.”

4. “Flower” Practice

Lastly, Jisoo once again stepped up to share her opinion about her solo “Flower” stage. She watched the dancers perform the set choreography with a serious expression.

The oldest member wasn’t shy to give her constructive criticism regarding what she had just witnessed. She put down her foot saying that the lights were too distracting and should be simplified.

During the verse, we should keep it bright and white but with some movement. I think we need some movement. Since one color is changing continuously, it’s hard to focus on the dance so we should change the lights to match the song and choreography.

— Jisoo

Jisoo gave a cute peace sign right after the serious speech, going back to her usual bubbly self.

As the vlog showed, BLACKPINK knows when to get serious!

Source: YouTube