20+ Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Showed Off Her Gorgeous Body Line

Her jaw-dropping visuals leave BLINKs breathless.

If Rosé isn’t your BLACKPINK bias, chances are she’s your bias wrecker! Rosé’s lovable personality, on stage talents, and beauty make her impossible to ignore, especially when she’s performing. Here are 20+ times Rosé stopped hearts with her gorgeous figure!


1. When she and her members took the stage at 2018 MMAs


2. When she danced her heart out to “DDU-DU DDU-DU”


3. When she wore this crop top and mini-skirt combo on a music show


4. When this contrapposto pose brought out all her curves


5. When she moved fluidly from one smooth dance move to the next


6. When her charisma shot BLINKs straight through the heart


7. When she brought 200% attitude to this killer live stage


8. When she danced in this flowing pink blouse for “Forever Young”


9. Every single time she burned up the stage with this sexy move


10. When she wore this eye-catching cherry top and matching skirt


11. When she gave it her all for “As If It’s Your Last”


12. When this form-fitting, white dress never looked better


13. When she induced heart attacks with her deadly star power


14. When she made the audience go wild during “BOOMBAYAH”


15. When she accessorized her gorgeous physique with this beautiful smile


16. When stole the show with her magnificent vocals


17. When she did this sassy hair flip


18. When she wore this plaid, mesh shirt and pleated skirt


19. When she proved she has legs for days in this fashion shoot


20. When she flawlessly pulled off this school girl punk-rock look


21. When this outfit shone nearly as bright as her visuals


22. Every single time she wrecked your bias list