Here Are 10+ Times Rosé Put The “Pink” In BLACKPINK

“Baby pink is the prettiest pink. It’s not hot pink. It’s baby pink.”

By this point, BLINKs know all too well that BLACKPINK‘s Rosé loves the color pink! Just like Rosé, the color pink is lovely, beautiful, soft, elegant, and pretty! Rosé has proven her love for pink so many times that BLINKs are well aware that she definitely puts the “Pink” in BLACKPINK!

Here are 10+ times Rosé put the “Pink” in BLACKPINK:

1. Yes she loves pink, but especially baby pink!

Let’s get one thing straight, Rosé loves pink, but mainly baby pink. Rosé made this clear in the first episode of their variety show BLACKPINK House. While showing off her pink room, Rosé held her baby pink hairbrush to the camera and explained which pink is the prettiest.

This pink. That is what’s most important. This is pink. Baby pink. Baby pink is the prettiest pink. It’s not hot pink. It’s baby pink. This pink is the prettiest.

— Rosé


2. Rosé showed her love for pink from the beginning!

Rosé came out in “Whistle” with pretty pink lips and a pink outfit. She even has the cutest pink streaks in her hair!


3. Rosé during BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” was full of pink!

Rosé shined in several cute pink looks! Even hot pink!

| blackpinkofficial/Instagram

4. Off work, she’s still adding in a dash of pink somewhere in her outfit

Rosé stuns in pink on stage, but off stage, she looks just as gorgeous! I wonder how many pink skirts she has in her closet?

5. Let’s never forget her bright pink hair!

We were all waiting for the day Rosé dyed her hair pink!


6. Her tour outfits are just as cute as she is!

Honestly, any color Rosé wears looks incredible on her, but knowing her favorite is pink makes it look even better on her.

7. Pink Blonde is her signature and favorite hair color!

In her interview with Elle Korea, Rosé was asked what her favorite color was, and of course, it’s her iconic pink blonde hair color!

8. Red and Pink

Red and pink make a great combination! During BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” era, Rosé dyed her hair a fiery red and she definitely rocks it!

9. Her pajama obsession is the best obsession

Rosé has quite a few adorable obsessions, an obsession with the color pink and also pajamas! When she puts the two together, she ends up with a lot of cute pink pajamas!


10. Don’t forget about her slippers!

To go with her pretty pink PJs, Rosé has the perfect fluffy pink slippers to go with them all!

11. Love their microphones!

All the members of BLACKPINK have the most adorable baby pink microphones! Maybe it was Rosé’s idea? whoever’s idea it was, the pink mic goes great with Rosé’s pink stage outfits.

12. Who knew puffy shoulders could look so good?

I’m not sure if it’s the lovely pink or just Rosé’s charisma in general that makes those puffy sleeves look incredible.


13. Pink hair and a pink cozy outfit

Everyone needs a comfy yet fashionable outfit to lounge around the house in and Rosé’s is this pink matching set!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

14. She couldn’t have done her solo debut without some pink!

Rosé blew us away with her solo debut song “On The Ground” and “Gone.” From her vocals to her stunning visuals, Rosé’s solo debut was more than successful!