7 Random Facts About BLACKPINK’s Rosé That You Might Not Know

What would she want to be reborn as?

BLACKPINK is a force to be reckoned with in the K-Pop industry, and for good reason! The four members of the group are all beautiful, talented ladies, and they deserve to be recognized for their skills.

Rosé, as the main vocalist and lead dancer of the group, has a big role to fill in BLACKPINK, but she does so with elegance and grace. She’s known for her unique vocals and goddess-like visuals, and it’s no wonder that she has so many fans that love her! Whether you are already a fan of Rosé or just want to learn more about her, here are 7 facts that you should find interesting.

1. She was the last member to join BLACKPINK.

Out of the four members of BLACKPINK, Rosé was actually the last of them to join YG Entertainment, since she joined in May 2012 and ended up also having the shortest training period! She’d had a knack for singing, songwriting, and playing musical instruments since a young age, and when her father learned that YG Entertainment was holding auditions in Australia, where she lived, he signed her up for them. Out of 700 auditionees, she was chosen to join the company!

2. She doesn’t come from a family of musicians.

Even though Rosé’s father encouraged her musical career, she doesn’t come from a family of musicians! In fact, both of her parents are lawyers, and even her older sister is a lawyer as well. It’s even more wonderful, then, that they supported her love for music!

3. She currently holds a highly esteemed role in fashion.

It was announced this year for fall 2020 that Rosé would serve as the ambassador for the French luxury fashion house, Saint Laurent, making her the first Asian celebrity with this role! She starred in a photoshoot for the brand modeling some of their gorgeous pieces, which look perfect for her, especially since she’s long been a fan of the brand and has worn their pieces in the past. Celebrities such as Kate MossZoë Kravitz, Cara DelevingneCourtney Love, and Debbie Harry have served this position in the past, putting Rosé on a very famous list.

4. She didn’t learn a certain skill before joining YG Entertainment.

It may be hard to believe, especially given that Rosé now has the role of lead dancer in BLACKPINK, but she actually didn’t have dance training before joining YG Entertainment! She was able to get into the company on her vocal and musical skills alone, and her dance skills developed in the 4 years that she trained under the company. It’s amazing how much she was able to learn in that amount of time!

5. She has some ideas of what she would have done if she hadn’t become an idol.

Rosé has said before that if she hadn’t debuted as an idol, she thinks she like would have become an art teacher! She really enjoys drawing, and she’s really talented at it as well. She’s also said that if teaching art wouldn’t have worked out, she could also have seen herself becoming a YouTuber instead.

6. She has a couple very close idol friends outside of BLACKPINK.

Though Rosé seems to have a very close relationship with her fellow BLACKPINK members, she has a couple of well-known famous friends outside of the group too! Her friendship with Girl’s Day member Hyeri has been quite public, after they became close through the show Amazing Saturday, and Hyeri actually asked for Rosé’s number first. They send meal trucks to each other, and are also close enough to video chat as well. Rosé is also known to be close with singer Halsey, and even takes trips to Paris with her sometimes!

7. She has an interesting hope for a future life.

Rosé has once stated that if she were to be reborn again, she would want to be a dolphin! Apparently this is because they always look happy, which appeals to the idol.

Hopefully you learned something new about this highly talented idol!

Source: Doyouram