10 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Proved She Has The Most Gorgeous Real Life Visuals

She lit up New York in #2 and #3.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé looks absolutely fantastic while performing on stage, filming commercials or music videos, and participating in TV shows.


At the same time, she looks just as gorgeous in person—and arguably even more stunning! Check out some proof below.

1. In the Met Gala

First up, she was the belle of the ball in the most exclusive fashion event of the year, the Met Gala. She was one of the two first female K-Pop idols who attended the fundraiser, and her beauty was outstanding!

2. Outside Saint Laurent

Following her Met Gala debut, Rosé was spotted visiting a Saint Laurent store in New York. She wore a gray outfit from head to toe and a black face mask.

3. In SOHO

She was also seen walking around SoHo, Manhattan, showing off her trendy fashion sense.

| Gotham

4. In a concert

Every BLINK deserves to see just how pretty Rosé is in real life! She stands out in every concert!

5. In another concert

In fact, it’s definitely a blessing to see BLACKPINK perform live…especially if they stand so close to your section.

6. In Sea of Hope

Rosé was recently a guest in JTBC‘s show Sea of Hope where she sang several songs and interacted with the star-studded cast. When behind-the-scenes shots were revealed, fans noticed just how pretty she was in real life!

7. While waving goodbye to fans

Can you imagine seeing her wave goodbye to you? We’d probably pass out with giddiness!

8. While talking to fans

It’s clear that she genuinely loves interacting with fans. She’s happy, fresh, and glowing!

9. In the airport

It’s not an understatement to say that she lights up every room she walks into. In this case, the whole airport was likely captivated by her beauty!

10. In a Saint Laurent fashion show

And finally, she proved that her visuals in press-released and fan-edited photos are exactly the same as how she looks like in person.

Check out how Rosé took our breaths away in little black dresses below!

10 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Took Our Breaths Away In Elegant Little Black Dresses