BLACKPINK Rosé’s “Tiffany & Co” Jewelry Cost An Insane Amount Of Money—Here’s How Much You Need To Buy Them

One bracelet alone is worth $17,500!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé looks more gorgeous than ever when she wears accessories! It’s no wonder she was chosen as the global ambassador of Tiffany & Co., recently modelling for their HardWear collection.

If you’ve ever wanted to copy her style, here’s how much you need to save up!

1. Necklace

First up, the brand describes their HardWear line as “gauge links and industrial shapes,” and Rosé gave off the perfect balance of elegance and sophistication.

| Tiffany & Co.

She wore their “Graduated Link Necklace” with a black off-shoulder top. It costs an eye-watering $12,800 USD!

| Tiffany & Co. 

2. Earrings

In another outfit change, she donned their “Triple Drop Earrings” in the color gold. It’s a stunning pair of dangling earrings with varying sizes of spherical jewelry.

| Tiffany & Co.

It costs slightly less than the previous necklace at $3,400 USD, though it’s probably not seen as “affordable” to many people!

| Tiffany & Co.

3. Bracelet

In the same white dress, Rosé had on another accessory from Tiffany & Co.’s HardWear collection. If you look closely, you’ll be able to spot her “Wrap Bracelet.”

| Tiffany & Co.

It features a cute lock with the brand’s name engraved on it. If you ever want to buy it, get ready to spend $8,900 USD!

| Tiffany & Co.

Who can deny that it looked perfect on her?

| Tiffany & Co.

4. Bracelet

Last but certainly not the least, Rose’s beatiful rose gold bracelet came with its own mini silver jewels.

| Tiffany & Co.

It’s none other than the “Link Bracelet,” undoubtedly the most expensive item on this list at an astounding $17,500 USD!

| Tiffany & Co.

In Rosé’s eyes, investing so much on jewelry is worth it!

Jewelry is always a lot of fun. When we put together an outfit for the day, whether that be for an everyday look or a whole extra look for a day at work, jewelry is always the cherry on top. You’ll never know how the outfit looks like until you add the jewelry.

— Rosé

| Tiffany & Co.

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Source: Tiffany & Co.