10+ Sexy AF BLACKPINK Moments From “BST Hyde Park” That Keep Us Up At Night

#6 is heart-stopping.

BLACKPINK headlined the famous BST Hyde Park Festival in London last July 2. The girls performed a full setlist of their hit songs in front of the crowd of thousands, amazing them with their talent, charisma, and visuals.

Fans couldn’t stop talking about several moments from their performance that emphasized their sexy sides.

Check them out below!

1. Jennie

First up, Jennie started the show with the most heart-racing body rolls.

2. Rosé

Rosé drew her hands to her body in the smoothest way.

3. Lisa

Lisa’s a master at dancing—especially if it’s meant to make the crowd go crazy.

4. Jisoo

Jisoo is at her sexiest when she does the “Pretty Savage” chair choreography.


Speaking of the chair dance, it was one of BLACKPINK’s most sensual moves yet.

6. Lisa

Lisa pulled off the cut-out leggings like they were made for her.

7. Jennie

Jennie’s expressions are always top notch.

8. Rosé

Rosé’s slow “On The Ground” move is breathtaking.

9. Jennie

This fancam zoomed in on Jennie at the right moment.

10. Jisoo

Jisoo executed the hip move effortlessly.

11. Jennie

Jennie’s chair dance can stop hearts.


And finally, whoever styled BLACKPINK in these leather outfits deserves a raise.