How BLACKPINK Wears Their “BORN PINK” Concert Skirts In Their Own Unique Ways

Which is your favorite?

Everyone in BLACKPINK is a certified fashion icon! Some of their best looks came out during the BORN PINK world tour including the cutest skirt outfits.

Check out how they wore them in their own unique ways below!

1. Jennie – Dreamy

First up, Jennie has a dreamy aura whenever she dons skirts on tour. She has recently been sporting the trendy “ballerina core” fashion, wearing customized tulle skirts in various colors.

Needless to say, she was captivating from head to toe.

2. Jisoo – Elegant

Next up, Jisoo‘s concert skirts give her an extra elegant vibe. While Jennie looks like a ballerina, Jisoo is similar to a modern-day princess.

Her skirts always have the most subtle yet detailed designs. They help bring out her timeless beauty.

3. Rosé – Sexy

Rosé often goes back to the basics when she dresses in skirts for the BORN PINK tour. She looks stunning in black pencil skirts, managing to be both sexy and classy at the same time.

Her long, long legs are emphasized in the best ways whenever she wears mini skirts.

4. Lisa – Sassy

Last but certainly not the least, Lisa is sassy and sweet in each of her concert skirt looks. Out of all of the members, she wears the most unique outfits in terms of colors and designs.

From bright blue skirts to skirts with asymmetrical beading, she pulls all of them off!

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