BLACKPINK Are Known For Their Luxurious Beauty, So What Wine Suits Them Best?

BLACKPINK and wine are both classy and divine.

Each member of BLACKPINK is the face of multiple luxury brands due to their ethereal beauty and glamorous personalities. No drink suits the girls better than fine wine, which, while symbolizing wealth, also represents happiness and friendship. Here’s a list of the wines that suit BLACKPINK the best, according to their MBTIs.

1. Jisoo and Malbec

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Jisoo‘s MBTI is ESTP, which means she’s flexible, enthusiastic, and action-oriented. A spontaneous and unique person who loves to explore new things, Malbec is the wine for her. This wine has the fruity flavors of cherry, blackberry, plum, and raspberry, and combined with the rich flavors of chocolate and black pepper, Malbec packs a smooth and layered punch that reflects the many sides to Jisoo’s personality. Boasting a medium-high alcohol content and a deep purple color, this wine is just as intoxicating as Jisoo, where the more you get to know her, the deeper you fall.


2. Jennie and Gamay

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Jennie‘s MBTI is ISFP, the only introvert in the group. Having an ISFP personality means she’s gentle, friendly, and lives in the moment. While she is fierce on stage, her kind heart shines through in her relationships, so Gamay is the perfect wine for her. Gamay is a wine for those who stop to smell the flowers and appreciate the little things in life, captivating anyone with its delicate floral aromas, subtle earthy notes, and fruity flavors. Resembling the light and refreshing taste of Gamay, Jennie’s presence is sweet and beloved by all.

3. Rosé and Carménère

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Rosé‘s MBTI is ENFP, which means she’s warm, imaginative, and loving. As someone who brings energy and joy to all aspects of life, Carménère is the wine that suits her best. With its unique blend of sweet, peppery, and herbal notes, this wine is made from a rare Bordeaux grape that now almost exclusively grows in Chile. Because it needs a lot of sunshine and warm weather, it’s no surprise this wine is the best match for Rosé’s sunny smile and bright personality.

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4. Lisa and Grenache

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Lisa‘s MBTI is ESFJ, which means she’s outgoing, tender-hearted, and loyal. As an ESFJ, Lisa is an absolute sweetheart who loves harmony and brings out the best in other people, making Grenache the perfect pairing. This wine has an unmistakable candy-like fruit and cinnamon flavor, and Grenache is responsible for some of the world’s most delicious and luxurious wines. Grenache’s charm lies in its confident and smooth taste, much like how Lisa is famous for her charismatic and bubbly aura.

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Source: WineFolly


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