Backup Dancer For Lovelyz & GFRIEND Names The Most Talented Idol Dancers She’s Ever Seen

These idols are so good, they even impressed this professional dancer.

A professional freelance dancer for 4 years, Jang Heeyoon has performed alongside groups like Lovelyz and GFRIEND. Now, she’s revealed the idol dancers who get her professional seal of approval—and these three stars are the best dancers she’s ever seen.

1. YooA (Oh My Girl)

Jang Heeyoon saw Oh My Girl’s main dancer YooA perform on Mnet’s Queendom and described her as “amazing”.

YooA has often been praised for the power and intensity she shows in her dancing, extending her movements to fill the stage.

She executes angles perfectly, and her upper and lower body are always coordinated. Plus, she’s also skilled at head movements.

2. Rocky (ASTRO)

The second idol Jang Heeyoon named as one of the best she’s seen is ASTRO’s main dancer Rocky.

According to fans, one of Rocky’s biggest strengths is his control. Down to the smallest head movements, he can execute any move exactly how it’s intended.

Alongside acing other people’s choreographies, he’s also created his own—a sign of a truly skilled dancer. He choreographed “Morning Call”, “Fireworks”, and covers on YouTube.

3. Jisung (NCT Dream)

Jang Heeyoon said that she watched NCT Dream’s rehearsal on KBS’s Music Bank and it was “no joke”, but the member who stood out to her the most was main dancer Jisung.

Jisung is a great all-rounder when it comes to NCT’s choreography. Whether he’s focusing on armwork or footwork, he has great control over his isolations.

His talent for powerful dancing really comes out in his crisp body locks, and he’s also been praised for his dynamic energy and perfect facial expressions on stage.

Source: AYO (YouTube)