10+ Looks From BLACKPINK’s Jennie That Proves She Dominates The Preppy Style

She is a style icon!

BLACPINK’s Jennie is a queen in many ways and one thing she dominates is the preppy look! Whether it be on or off stage, Jennie captures everyone’s attention with her amazing style. Here are 20+ looks for Jennie that prove she is a preppy queen!

1. Preppy in Blue

This blue monochromatic outfit is absolutely everything! From her headband to her cute little bag, Jennie is a preppy queen!


2. We love a cute plaid skirt!

Loving Jennie in this pink look! Her pearl bracelet, hair bow, mini tie, and plaid skirt totally make the best preppy look.

3. Jennie in glasses!

Round framed glasses always give off a scholarly vibe! Jennie is a genius in music and fashion!

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

4. Queen of Chanel!

Jennie is always rocking the best Chanel look! She clearly knows how to put together the cutest outfits!


5. Those knee-high socks complete this look!

This is giving us major preppy vibes! Not only is Jennie’s outfit cute, but her charming pigtails as well!

6. Jennie is perfect from head to toe!

This matching set looks great on Jennie and screams class!


7. That smile brightens up everyone’s day!

Jennie is stunning in this chic outfit! A good collar shirt under another top is always a great move.


8. She’s adorable

You can absolutely make a preppy outfit in the winter as well. Jennie’s plaid scarf to her leather bag is the perfect look.

9. Their As If It’s Your Last era!

BLACKPINK’s As If It’s Your Last era was full of the gorgeous schoolgirl look and Jennie definitely slayed it!

10. Jennie’s soft visuals

This baby blue cardigan brings out Jennie’s soft and pure visuals! Blue is her color for sure!

11. When Jennie went Solo!

Even standing on stage solo, Jennie shined bright and served us the best preppy stage outfits!

12. Her visuals are out of this world!

Jennie’s gaze is super enchanting and so this chic and sultry look! Loving her matching headband and skirt.


13. She may be lovesick but she’s still stunning!

Jennie’s cute hairdo might be the best part of this preppy look!

14. Chich and elegant

A cute tennis skirt isn’t always required to make a preppy outfit— this matching tweed look makes the perfect scholarly look.

15. This vest is to die for!

While it may not be cute on its own, Jennie knows how to dress her sweater vest with cute accessories!

16. Simple, yet classy!

Jennie can always dress up a simple outfit with her insane visuals!


17. She’s a true beauty!

The Chanel queen blessed us all with this pretty pink sophisticated outfit!


18. Yellow looks so good on her

Yellow is a tricky color to pull off, but like everything, Jennie looks amazing!


19. Cute and casual

Although the colors are dark, Jennie’s lovely visuals and neverending charms give everything a big pop.


20. Who else loved Jennie’s short hair?

Jennie looks absolutely adorable with a shorter cut. Her short hair allows the puffy sleeves of her button-down show and they look so good.

21. Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs)

A good bow and blazer are always good pieces for one sophisticated preppy look.

22. Jennie is preppy even through the airport

Jennie looks too precious in this white turtle neck and gold frame glasses! Don’t forget her ability to pull off a messy bun!


23. She shines so brightly

Jennie is always and glowing and her elegant outfit created a lot of buzz!

24. Jennie and pigtails will never get old

Jennie once claimed pigtails as her favorite hairdo and we can see why. She looks gorgeous!


25. This look was a crowd favorite!

Jennie made everyone’s jaw drop with this sexy and preppy off-the-shoulder blazer coat!

26. You can never have on too many pearls

Jennie looks so graceful in pearls!


28. Peplum collar

Peplum collars are always great for a preppy look

29. Business casual

Jennie proved you can be sophisticated and playfully preppy at the same time.


30. Jennie in a beret? Yes, please!

A beret can complete an outfit and on Jennie, they are totally cute!




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