BLACKPINK’s Jennie Once Revealed Her First Impressions Of The Other Members…And It’s Quite Heartwarming

All the members gave off different impressions.

The members of BLACKPINK were all trainees for many years, so they had lots of time to get to know each other. BLACKPINK were guests on Super K-Pop and answered a couple of questions, such as their first impressions of each other. Jennie was the first member to join YG entertainment, so she gave some of her first impressions of the other members.

1. Lisa

Jennie recalls that Lisa was always an amazing dancer from the moment she came to YG Entertainment. Lisa also had short black hair at the time, so Jennie hilariously thought that she looked like a cute little brother.

2. Jisoo

Jisoo‘s first impression was quite a shocking one, as Jennie thought that all people at YG Entertainment would have a hip-hop image. Jisoo’s image was the complete opposite, as Jennie thought she looked very lovely and innocent. Once Jennie saw Jisoo’s talents, she was amazed.

3. Rosé

Jennie remembers Rosé coming to the company with her guitar and looking lovely. Jennie knew she would get along with Rosé once she started playing her guitar.

Rosé also gave her first impressions on Lisa, as she originally thought that Lisa was a quiet girl. Once they started to open up to each other, Rosé found that Lisa is quite a funny and outgoing person.

Here is the full video below!