BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals Her Simple Makeup Plan, But Also Runs Into Some Problems

Showing her beauty, as well as her humor.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has always charmed people with her charisma, personality, talents, visuals, etc.

Lisa also gave a makeup tutorial for her look on “As If It’s Your Last”. Lisa also ran into some problems along the way with her tutorial.

1. Mixing colors for the eyebrows

2. Lightly spreading eyeshadow

3. Eyeliner

Lisa runs into some problems with the eyeshadow.

4. Thickening the eyeliner

Lisa starts questioning herself.

5. Blending a bit of the eyeshadow and eyeliner

Lisa making sure everyone is following along okay.

6. Under the eye

7. Eyeliner under the eye

8. Shading

Here is the full video below!