Blessed Or Cursed? The 26 Most ‘Blursed’ TWICE Images

These photos make us laugh out loud, but they also confuse the hell out of us.

Wondering what on earth ‘blursed’ means? It’s a mixture of blessed and cursed. On one hand, blursed images bring you joy and laughter—on the other, they also confuse the hell out of you. Here are 26 of the cutest yet weirdest TWICE photos—you decide whether they’re more blessed or cursed.


1. No words needed

2. This is what we see when we have sleep paralysis

3. It’s going down!

4. Congratulations on your announcement, Sana

5. Nayeon the cult leader

6. Chou Tzuyu is a singer best known for…

7. Is she breaking in or escaping?

8. That might be a little TMI

9. Who will win the fair maiden Nayeon’s heart?

10. It’s almost as if she’s from Japan

11. TWICE always look beautiful to ONCE

12. High school rivalry

13. She who smelt it dealt it

14. Momo brought a friend on stage

15. Jeongyeon the brain surgeon

16. Relatable hamster

17. Want to share what’s so funny with the class?

18. Nayeon the fashionista

19. Jeongyeon is a cult leader too

20. Save her!

21. Mother scolding her child

22. Nayeon reveals her sin

23. Strike a pose!

24. That’s an interesting alternative to saying “hello”

25. Momo reading highbrow literature

26. Again, no words needed