BLINKs Believe That BLACKPINK’s Make Up Artist Is Doing “Low Quality Work” With The Title Posters — Here Are 10+ Receipts, Your Honor

Some fans believe they could do a better job than BLACKPINK’s makeup artist — what do you think?

YG Entertainment has just released today the next batch of teaser images for BLACKPINK‘s much-awaited comeback on June 26.

At first look, there is an impression that the concept for this batch is all about “minimalist makeup”, judging from Lisa‘s eye makeup which is non-existent.

Upon closer inspection, though, BLINKs couldn’t help but notice the mascara clump evident in Rosé‘s eyes…

…and the lack of flair in Jisoo‘s face.

BLINKs are also seemingly divided with the concept and overall visuals of the title images, because some felt that only Jennie had decent eye makeup, while the others seemed to lack in that department.

Because of this, a large portion of BLINKs turned to Twitter to express their disappointment with BLACKPINK’s makeup artist, Maeng. Here are 10+ of top reactions of fans who believe that their makeup artist did a below-average job:


1. BLINKs are disappointed with the eye makeup of majority of the members

2. Some fans want her to be replaced

3. Fans believe more effort could have been exerted on Lisa’s eye makeup

4. Someone even tried to fix her clumpy mascara

5. Some BLINKs believe even Jennie could do a better job

6. They are disappointed with the results, given the makeup artist’s education

7. Some BLINKs are speculating that it was Jennie who thought of adding flair to her recent eye makeup

8. It’s such a good thing the girls are naturally gorgeous

9. They believe Lisa’s eyes would have been more beautiful if it had great eye makeup applied on it

10. Perhaps she can also do some research, some BLINKs suggest

11. There are a lot of good ideas for Lisa’s makeup, honestly

12. BLINKs believe she could have done a better job

This is not the first time fans have called out YG Entertainment for reportedly treating BLACKPINK in an “unfair manner”. Check out the full details below to see their grievances about Jisoo’s “mistreatment”.

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