BLINKs Express Their Need For A Rosé Solo Debut By Trending “ROSÉ SOLO”

When will it finally happen?

BLINKs have been expressing their desire not only for a BLACKPINK comeback for a long time, but also for solo debuts for members besides Jennie, especially main vocalist Rosé. Some fans think she’s been neglected as an artist by YG Entertainment, and are demanding that she finally be given the recognition she deserves. Recently, BLINKs took to Twitter to trend “ROSÉ SOLO” to express their need for this to finally happen. Check out what fans have to say about this much-anticipated project.

1. She’s worked so hard for so little…

2. It’s been anticipated forever!

3. There’s no one that doesn’t want it

4. It would bring in so much revenue!

5. It’s not just international fans, Korean fans want it too

6. BLINKs aren’t messing around anymore

7. This is all of us…

8. Has it really been that long ago?

9. A ballad would really suit her

10. This sweet girl really deserves it!

11. Well, if the queen herself said it…!

12. Enough said.

13. Where’s the lie though…

14. Fans are really getting serious

15. Rosé hwaiting!