BLINKs Trend #HowYouLikeThat After BLACKPINK Releases Teaser Images For Upcoming Comeback

The hype is getting real!

Everyone is getting hyped up for BLACKPINK‘s long-awaited comeback on June 26, and fans have finally been gifted with teaser pictures for the title song, “How You Like That”. BLINKs took no time to flood Twitter with the news, quickly making #HowYouLikeThat trend worldwide. Here are some of the top tweets to see how fans are reacting to these blessed pictures!

1. Is there really any doubt?

2. Rosé stans, are you okay?

3. It’s like she’s not aging at all

4. Talk about fierce

5. It would be nice to see this become the trend, wouldn’t it?

6. Truth.

7. Honestly, both eras are gorgeous

8. This is incredible!

9. They were always pretty, but the glow up is real

10. Their make-up artist definitely deserves this attention!

11. They’re really taking over Twitter!

12. Seriously, the world is hyped

13. BLINKs truly are blessed!

14. We love queens supporting queens