BLINKs Trend “LISA BEST GIRL” On Twitter To Share Love And Admiration For The BLACKPINK Member — Here Are 15 Tweets

She really is though!

Recently “JENNIE BEST GIRL” was trending on Twitter to show support for the beloved BLACKPINK member, and now it seems like it’s Lisa‘s turn! BLINKs flocked to the social media site in order to share pictures, gifs, videos, and memories of Lisa to show how much they love and support her in the days leading up to BLACKPINK’s comeback, “How You Like That”. Here are 15 tweets that sum up how fans feel about the talented idol!

1. We all feel the same

2. She’s so cute!

3. The love is real

4. Truly a legend

5. She has the best sense of humor

6. She’s just precious

7. There’s not a mean bone in her body

8. How could you not love her?

9. Stan this humble queen

10. BLINKs are her strength, and vice versa

11. Truth

12. You can’t forget about her dancing!

13. She always has time for BLINKs

14. She’s just stunning

15. And that’s that!