Blonde Taeyeon Remains Superior Among Netizens In This Series Of GIFs

She’s so talented and gorgeous!

Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon has always been a looker, but every time she goes blonde, she causes massive stirs everywhere among her fans!

Netizens recently compiled a list of GIFs that feature Taeyeon in her blonde-headed glory days, and each one is magical!


Bonus: not blonde, but just look how gorgeous she is in this GIF!


Netizens also commented on how her beauty always leaves them speechless:


Personally, I found Taeyeon the prettiest she’s ever been. Her skin was totally clear and the tone was so even. No matter if she had makeup on or not, she totally looked like a fairy ㅠ


Taeyeon really suits blonde, its crazy


Blonde Taeyeon is the truth


Blonde Taeyeon is indeed the truth!

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