Body Language Analysis Reveals What BTS Jungkook’s Habits Might Say About Him

Habits can reveal a lot about how someone feels.

While body language analysis isn’t an exact science, looking at someone’s gestures and movements can reveal a lot about them. BTS’s Jungkook has a lot of body language habits that ARMYs find adorable—here’s what some of them might possibly mean.

1. Tilting his head

Whenever Jungkook is contemplating or feeling unsure, he has a tendency to tilt his head to the side.

According to body language readings, when people tilt their heads, it means they’re don’t fully believe what they’re saying. So, Jungkook tilting his head when he feels unsure about a statement or a challenge makes perfect sense.

2. Biting his nails

Like many people, Jungkook often bites his nails when he seems to be nervous or anxious.

Even people who aren’t body language analysts know this as a common sign of nerves. You may even do it yourself.

3. Picking his face

Fans have also spotted Jungkook picking his face sometimes, usually when he’s spacing out.

Body language analysis states that people most commonly touch their faces when they’re nervous about answering questions or making factual statements. Perhaps when Jungkook seems like he’s zoning out, he’s actually just thinking of the right thing to say next.

4. Tucking hair behind his ears

Even when his hair isn’t long, Jungkook likes to tuck it behind his ears.

According to body language analysts, when someone tucks their hair behind their ears, it often means they’re nervous and feel the need to step things up.

5. Standing in the back

Ever noticed how maknae Jungkook tends to stand behind his hyungs during broadcasts?

Hiding behind elders is a common habit for children, too. As you may already know, it often means the person is feeling shy or lacking confidence.

Source: Body Language Success