The “To All The Boys” Series Spin-Off Is Here — Meet The Cast Of “XO, Kitty”

There are many familiar faces in the cast!

In 2018, a new movie based on the first book of author Jenny Han‘s To All The Boys I’ve Loved was released on Netflix and instantly became a success. A total of three movies were released detailing the romantic adventures of the main character Lara Jean Covey, a Korean-American high school student.

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Now, a spin-off series about the character’s younger sister, Kitty,  is set to be released on May 18 and will be set in South Korea. You can learn all about the cast of the new series below!

1. Anna Cathcart (Kitty Song Covey)

Anna Cathcart is already familiar to viewers who watched the original series as she was the person who triggered the events of the films. The new series is based on her adventures after she decides to attend the same international school, KISS, as her boyfriend, Dae.

Cathcart has appeared in other works like the Disney Channel original movies Descendents 2 and 3 as the daughter of one of Cinderella’s evil step-sisters.

2. Min Yeong Choi (Dae Heon Kim)

Min Yeong Choi (also known as Choi Min Young)  plays Kitty’s “estranged” boyfriend, Dae, whom she moves countries to be closer to. Min Yeong Choi is not a new face for K-Drama viewers, as he appeared in Twenty-Five Twenty-One and Itaweon Class.

Min Yoneg Choi in Itaewon Class | tvN

3. Gia Kim (Yuri Han)

Gia Kim is new to the small screen; this is her first significant role. She will play Yuri Han, the daughter of a businessman and the principal of the international school Kitty will attend.

4. Sang Heon Lee (Min Ho)

According to the recently released trailer, Sang Heon Lee is Min Ho, Kitty’s rich enemies-to-lovers love interest. This is a fascinating reveal as Min Ho is also Dae’s best friend!

This is Sang Heon Lee’s acting debut.

5. Anthony Keyvan ( Quincy “Q” Shabazian)

Anthony Keycan is Quincy “Q” Shabazian, Kitty’s best friend while attending the new school. The character draws a lot from Keyvan, who is half Iranian, half Filipino, and openly gay.

While Keyvan has appeared in more minor roles in television series like Law & Order: SVU and Once Upon A Time, Keyvan’s most noteworthy part to date is that of Rahim, a love interest of the titular character in Love, Victor. 

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6. Théo Augier (Florian)

Théo Augier will play Florian, another international student at the school. Augier, born in Greece and later moved to France, has appeared in programs like Mythomaniac and Endless Night.

7. Yun Jin Kim (Jina Lim)

Yun Jin Kim plays Jina Lim, the mother of Yuri Han and KISS alumni. Yun Jin’s most recent role is as Seon Woo Jin in Money Heist: Korea —Joint Economic Area, but the actress has appeared in numerous projects, including the American drama series Lost.

Yun Jin Kim in Money Heist: Korea —Joint Economic Area

8. Peter Thurnwald (Alex Finnerty)

Peter Thurnwald is an international teacher at KISS, new to the position. Thurnwald’s most substantial role to date was in the drama-comedy, Bump.

9. Michael K. Lee (Professor Lee)

Michael K. Lee plays one of Kitty’s professors, known only as Professor Lee, and has the reputation of being super tough. Lee was born in America but now lives in Korea, appearing in works like Korean Odyssey and The Shield.

10. Jocelyn Shelfo (Madison Miller)

Jocelyn Shelfo will star as the K-Pop-obsessed daughter of a businessman. Shelfo previously appeared in The Summer I Turned Pretty, another work by Jenny Han.

11. Regan Aliyah (Juliana)

Regan Aliyah will star as Juliana, one of Yuri’s friends. The star is set to appear in the Marvel original series Iron Heart,  which will premiere later this year.



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