Here’s A Look At The Line Distributions For All 16 Songs THE BOYZ Released In 2020

It must be difficult to split lines between 11 members!

THE BOYZ have been an incredibly successful 4th generation K-Pop group, earning the title of one of only 6 from that generation to make over 1 million album sales since they debuted on December 6, 2017.

With 11 members, it can be tricky to make sure all of them get a fair amount of lines. While there are definitely some members that get more than others, the group overall seems to do a pretty good job of varying who gets the most lines in their songs, and there isn’t any single member who seems to get more vocal time than others to a drastic degree.

Here are the line distributions for all 16 songs that THE BOYZ released in 2020, off of their Reveal and Chase albums as well as a Christmas single.


1. “Ego”


3. “Shake You Down”

4. “Scar”

5. “Salty”

6. “Break Your Rules”

7. “Wings”

8. “Goodbye”

9. “Spring Snow”

Album Total:


1. “Shine Shine”

2. “The Stealer”

3. “Insanity”

4. “Whiplash”

5. “Make or Break”

6. “Checkmate”

Album Total:


1. “Christmassy!”

Overall Total:

1st: New (14.7%)

2nd: Sunwoo (13.6%)

3rd: Sangyeon (10.7%)

4th: Jacob (10.2%)

5th: Hyunjae (10%)

6th: Kevin (9.9%)

7th: Juhaknyeon (7.2%)

8th: Q (7.1%)

9th: Younghoon (6.1%)

10th: Eric (5.7%)

11th: Juyeon (4.7%)