From Breathing To Sneezing, 5 Times Red Velvet’s Irene Went Viral For Doing Things Every Human Does

Everything is better when Irene does it.

Without a doubt, Irene is the viral queen of Red Velvet. Don’t believe it? Just look at five times she racked up thousands of likes, views, and shares online for doing the same “boring” things the rest of us do every day.

1. Breathing

Given that every living human breathes, there’s usually nothing interesting about it—unless, of course, Irene is the one doing it.

While performing at the 2018 Spring is Coming peace concert in Pyongyang, North Korea, Irene found herself completely out of breath after a performance. Of course, being the group’s leader, she still had to address the crowd in front of her. But even though she could barely speak, Irene’s heavy breathing was enough to elicit a huge round of applause from the North Korean audience. Unsurprisingly, the clip gained hundreds of thousands of views online—the perfect proof that everything Irene does deserves praise.

2. Walking

While not everyone can walk, it’s a pretty standard everyday activity for able-bodied people. And yet, one clip of Irene and Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany simply walking together garners thousands of likes almost every time it’s posted online.

Strolling through an event in beautiful gowns, Irene and Tiffany look like royal sisters next to each other. Admittedly, considering how stunning they are and how much impact their popularity has had, it’s no surprise that this video has almost 1 million views on Twitter.

3. Laughing

Irene is known for her quiet and soft personality, giving her members a chance to talk in interviews rather than dominating conversation herself. And, even when she does talk, her voice is pretty quiet. That’s probably why a compilation of Irene laughing hysterically was able to rack up over 1 million views on Twitter.

Despite how quiet she usually is, this compilation from an April 2019 live broadcast shows just how loud Irene can be when she’s happy. Many non-fans were shocked at how much she giggled, cackled, and almost screamed with joy when she let loose.

4. Reaching

Almost every K-Pop choreography involves some kind of reaching move, and Red Velvet’s “RBB” was no exception. So, how on earth did a GIF of Irene simply raising her arm get over 50,000 retweets on Twitter?

The answer is… her armpit. We all have armpits, but apparently Irene’s is especially beautiful—so beautiful that tens of thousands of fans wanted to share it with the world. And, truthfully, it’s hard to deny how smooth and perfect her ‘pit really looks.

5. Sneezing

And last but not least, the most recent everyday human occurrence Irene went viral for is sneezing. Usually a sign of sickness or allergies, most people consider sneezing to be on the gross side. But, as always, everything is more interesting when Irene is doing it.

| @bemybrownie/Twitter

The real reason this clip of Irene sneezing got over 50,000 retweets on Twitter is that it displayed a unique phenomenon called the photic sneeze reflex. Around 20% of the population can induce a sneeze simply by looking at a light source, and it seems that Irene is one of them.


Source: @renebaebae/Instagram (Image Credit)

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