Here Are 10+ Casual Colorful Looks From TWICE’s Dahyun That Will Brighten Your Mood

She shines wherever she goes

It’s a known fact that TWICE‘s Dahyun is positively adorable! From her lovely smile to her bright and colorful style, Dahyun could literally lift and sad or bad mood you’re in!

Here are 10+ bright and colorful looks from Dahyun that will definitely bring your mood up!

1. Casual and bright!

Yellow is definitely Dahyun’s color! The bright yellow definitely goes well with Dahyun’s bubbly and charming personality!

2. Dahyun always looks best in some cute overalls!

While overalls might not be for everyone, I think we can all agree that Dahyun looks absolutely lovely and cute in them!

3. Those colors definitely catch your attention!

Though Dahyun is wearing a brightly colored blouse and carrying a popping red bag, neither outshine Dahyun’s stunning visuals!

4. Isn’t she gorgeous in pink!

This baby pink blouse definitely shows off a soft and colorful side of Dahyun and she looks totally beautiful in it! Also, Dahyun can always rock the messy buns!

5. Dahyun’s bright hot pink shirt is giving me life!

Yes, Dahyun’s hot pink shirt is bright, but nothing is brighter than Dahyun’s sweet smile!

6. How many colors does this coat have?

Dahyun always has the most colorful looks as well as the most colorful hair!

7. Another bright coat and hair color!

Dahyun can always put a smile on Onces’ faces

8. Is there anything more adorable?

Dahyun’s presence literally brightens up the mood!

9. All it takes is a little splash of color

It seems like Dahyun can always find a way to add some pop of color to her outfit and that red skirt and red shoes are perfect!

10. She shines too bright!

You might need some shades for this cute colorful outfit! From her bright shirt to her hot pink backpack, Dahyun is turning heads with this stylish outfit!

11. Pink again!

Dahyun’s pink lips and pink hoodie are too cute! She could definitely brighten up any room she walks in with this look!

12. Love this look!

Dahyun’s casual and playful jumpsuit somehow makes all my stress melt away.

13. She’s brighter than

She’s the literal sunshine of Onces life!

14. This look will definitely put a smile on your face

Her rainbow heart shirt is everything! This outfit perfectly matches her kind-hearted personality!