4 Chaotic Reasons Why BTOB Will Slay “Kingdom”

They’re more than just talented.

After initially rejecting their offer, BTOB has been confirmed to join Mnet‘s Kingdom. They’re the oldest among the contestants as they debuted in 2012. Fans who have been with them throughout their career know for a fact that they’ll kill it—for more reasons than their skills!

Check out why below!

1. They’ll make everyone their fans with their humor

BTOB is equally known for being funny as they are for their talent. Though they didn’t win all of their games during Idol Star Athletics Championships, for example, they won everyone over with their humor.

They’ll bring their chaotic energy to everything in Kingdom—cheering for other teams, behind the scenes footage, and their own performances!

BTOB 4U | @cube_official_btob/Instagram

2. They’ll have the best stunts

Move over martial arts-like stunts! BTOB has even more creative concepts that the red carpet has seen many times.


They can do any pose thanks to their flexibility and lack of concern for their image.

They’ll be fun to watch for sure!

3. They’ll slay all covers

No one can deny that BTOB has the best covers—especially if they’re girl group songs! They once made everyone on set burst out laughing when they covered Red Velvet‘s “Red Flavor” perfectly.

No matter what song they’ll do on Kingdom, they’ll give it their own special touch.

4. They can sing any type of song

Pop? Check.

Ballad? Check.

And even trot? Check! BTOB can perform every genre of song with ease (and with laughter). They’ll give Kingdom a run for its money with their ability to do anything.

Of course, their natural talents in singing and dancing are uncontested. With their humor added to the mix, they’ll slay Kingdom from start to finish!

| @cube_official_btob/Instagram