BTS’s 2019 Festa Photos Are Giving ARMY The Best Of Both Worlds (50 Photos)

BTS’s opening photos for “2019 Festa” are here.

BTS‘s annual celebration, Festa, kicked off its opening ceremony with a new photo series that’s giving fans the best of both worlds. In each photo, sets and outfits from BTS’s solos are combined in a nostalgic, aesthetically pleasing way. Take a look!

1. V (“Singularity”) x Jimin (“Serendipity”)

v-jimin v-jimin2 v-jimin3 v-jimin4 v-jimin5 v-jimin6 v-jimin7


2. Jimin (“Serendipity”) x Suga (AGUST D mixtape)

jimin-suga jimin-suga2 jimin-suga3 jimin-suga4 jimin-suga5 jimin-suga6 jimin-suga7

3. Suga (AGUST D mixtape) x RM (“Intro: Persona”)

suga-rm3 suga-rm4 suga-rm5 suga-rm6 suga-rm7 suga-rm suga-rm2


4. RM (“Intro: Persona”) x J-Hope (“Daydream”)

rm-jhope7 rm-jhope6 rm-jhope5 rm-jhope4 rm-jhope rm-jhope2 rm-jhope3

5. J-Hope (“Daydream”) x Jungkook (“Euphoria”)

jhope-jungkook jhope-jungkook2 jhope-jungkook3 jhope-jungkook4 jhope-jungkook5 jhope-jungkook6 jhope-jungkook7


6. Jungkook (“Euphoria”) x Jin (“Epiphany”)

jin-jungkook jin-jungkook2 jin-jungkook3 jin-jungkook4 jin-jungkook5 jin-jungkook6 jin-jungkook7

7. Jin (“Epiphany”) x V (“Singularity”)

jin-v jin-v2 jin-v3 jin-v4 jin-v5 jin-v6 jin-v7

. . .