Here Are 9 Iconic Moments From The BTS 2021 FESTA Exam Behind-The-Scenes Video

The video is a must-watch for ARMY!

To celebrate their 8th anniversary, BTS announced that they would be holding their 2021 FESTA treating fans to special content. One of those was the “Class of 2021 FESTA School Exam.” The members were given questions about the group and ARMY and answered them like an actual exam! 

BTS recently released some behind-the-scenes footage from the exam showing how each member coped with the questions. Here is a look at some of the most iconic moments from the video!

1. When in doubt, cheating is the best option.

The tablet was there for a reason, and Jin was smart to make use of it!

2. Or guessing works just as well…

If the questions are multiple-choice, then it is the best option.

3. With his impressive score, it was time for RM to make some predictions of his own.

They weren’t completely off, but he did make one significant error in his judgment.

4. Jimin cemented his immense knowledge of ARMY!

He also proved that the questions needed to be more specific.

5. Unlike Jin, Jimin found a more creative way to get help.

The staff must have a soft spot for Jimin!

6. The staff seemed to have fun picking odd and weirdly worded questions for the members.

It was a very abstract question, and no wonder it was confusing for Suga.

7. Taking an exam took J-Hope back to his school days.

It must’ve been years since the members last answered questions in this format.

8. V made use of his cuteness to get some help from the staff.

Who would be able to turn that look down?

9. After RM’s prediction, Jungkook couldn’t hide his excitement at coming top of the class.

He absolutely aced a difficult quiz and should be very proud!

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