7 Films And Television Series That BTS Recommends From Disney+

How many have you already seen?

Like most people, the members of BTS are huge film and television fanatics and they always love sharing their recommendations with fans. Recently, it was announced that the group’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE show would be available to stream on Disney+.

BTS’s concert is available on Disney+ | Disney+

BTS are no strangers to the world of Disney, and they even had a chance to play some of their favorite characters from some of the most iconic films of all time.

Jungkook and Jimin voicing “Zootopia” | BTS/VLIVE

V and Suga voicing “Toy Story” | BTS/VLIVE 

To celebrate the release of their own concert on Disney+, the members all sat down and shared their own recommendations from the platform, and here are their picks.

1. RM – WandaVision

As everyone knows, Disney+ has a whole range of content which also includes the Marvel series. When it came to RM’s picks, he seemed to be firmly on the path to picking something from the franchise. At first, he explained he had watched Doctor Strange 2 but explained that, before watching it, the WandaVision series was a must-watch.

RM couldn’t stop praising the series, explaining that the classic concept is like a piece of art. By traveling through different time periods, RM loved how each episode had perfect transitions.

2. Jin – Walking Dead

At first, BTS’s oldest member also wanted to pick a Marvel film with Iron Man. However, after realizing they always recommend it, he chose something very different by picking the Walking Dead series, adding that he watched it a lot on tour.

Even though he couldn’t find the series, Jin explained how much he liked the series because the characters kept changing and there was a lot of unexpected storylines.

3. Suga – Frozen and Zootopia

Surprisingly, BTS’s rapper Suga went for something more classical Disney and picked the hit film Frozen, adding, “[Frozen] was so good!”

Like many fans of the movies, Suga couldn’t stop complimenting the songs on the soundtrack. He also couldn’t miss out on the chance to plug another iconic film and chose Zootopia, a film that seems to be a favorite amongst idols.

4. J-Hope – Inside Out

J-Hope was the final member to pick and wanted to choose something from the Pixar family, which V couldn’t stop praising. The first choice seemed to be a strong contender after J-Hope picked Inside Out. 

Even after Toy Story, Ratatouille, Soul, and Monster’s University, J-Hope went back to his original pick. The idol explained that it touched his heart and mind, and Jimin also couldn’t disagree.

5. Jimin – Coco

Like many other members, Jimin struggled to choose just one film. Luckily, his final pick wasn’t too hard to find as just entering the letters “C” and “O” came up with the emotional but amazing film Coco.

Everyone seemed to agree and, along with Suga praising the song, RM even revealed that he had cried while watching the film.

6. V – Wall-E

V seemed very excited to share his pick, adding, “I want to mention this film so badly.” Describing it as Pixar’s “Unicorn,” V couldn’t stop praising the film Wall-E, calling it a true masterpiece when it comes to movies.

Although V didn’t want to spoil the story, he explained the plot briefly to J-Hope and focused on the friendship between the main characters Wall-E and Eve. Even though it’s been nearly 15 years, V couldn’t get over the languages in the film and the way the characters communicate.

7. Jungkook – Avengers: Endgame

Like RM, youngest member Jungkook went for a film from the Marvel series and picked Avengers: Endgame. Jimin wasn’t afraid to spill the tea on Jungkook, explaining that he actually cried while watching the film, which a lot of fans probably relate to.

RM also couldn’t stop praising the film and added that Jungkook’s other pick of What If was also amazing, explaining in-depth just why it was such a good series and how it linked to the rest of the films. Jungkook also praised the show adding, “It seems like 3D animated with techniques.”

Source: Disney Plus Korea