Here Are 20+ Tweets Celebrating BTS’s 8th Anniversary Since Debut With #8YearsWithBTS

It’s a day worth celebrating!


On June 13, 2013, a seven-member boy group entered the K-Pop scene. Debuting under a small, fairly unknown company after years of grueling and sometimes disheartening training, they had no idea about the kind of global superstars they would end up becoming.

Now, exactly eight years later, BTS is a household name around the world, attracting fans of all different ages, nationalities, genders, languages, and more! To celebrate the eighth anniversary since BTS debuted, here are 20+ posts on Twitter using various hashtags such as #8YearsWithBTS, #8YearsToInfinityWithBTS, #BTS8thAnniversary, and others!

1. 8 years counting, and many more to come!

2. They’re a familiar comfort to so many people now.

3. This compilation of J-Hope’s lyrics about BTS is so sweet!

4. This fanart is absolutely incredible!

5. These last couple of years have been hard, but we got through them together.

6. What BTS and ARMY have together is so precious.

7. Don’t forget about this!!

8. BTS is so much more than just 7 now!

9. BTS has worked so hard all of these years.

10. Time to feel nostalgic.

11. More amazing fanart!

12. They’re the light for so many people who need it.

13. It’s incredible to think about how much music they’ve created in those 8 years.

14. Truth!

15. BTS are ARMY’s biggest fans too!

16. Just look at these happy kids!

17. The way they’ve grown is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

18. 8 years to infinity, indeed

19. Age is just a number!

20. To think we are alive at the same time as BTS.

21. Happy 8 years, everyone!