15 BTS Activities To Keep You From Going Crazy In Quarantine 

Save your sanity while stanning BTS.

If there’s one good thing about being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s having time to catch up on K-Pop content, and more. Here are 15 BTS activities you can do without leaving your home!

1. Learn BTS’s choreography…

2. …or if that’s too hard, try BTS dance cardio instead

3. Memorize lyrics

You’ve been meaning to learn all the words to all the songs for ages. Now’s your chance!

4. Catch up on any Run BTS! episodes you missed

5. Rewatch BTS’s old logs and Bangtan Bombs

6. Make BTS fan art (or just regular art!)

Think you can’t draw? Who cares! Drawing, painting, sculpting, etc is an awesome way to stave off boredom. As long as you’re having a good time, that’s all that matters.

7. Chat with BTS on Weverse

BTS has been on Weverse a lot these days, so why not join in the conversation?

8. Do an at-home photoshoot

Plenty of BTS’s concept photoshoots were taken indoors. You can use whatever you have at your disposal to do a BTS-inspired photoshoot by yourself…

…or with whoever is at home with you.

Get dolled up, dig up props, and have fun!

When this COVID-19 thing is finally over, you’ll have some beautiful photos to remember the light in dark times.

9.  Make fan videos

If you’ve ever wanted to learn video editing (or you just want to do more of it) now is the time.

Channel your inner G.C.F director!

10. Learn Korean

BTS’s new language learning app is almost here, so you can study Korean during quarantine!

11. Play BTS UNO

If you have BTS UNO, or even just regular UNO, have a game night with whoever is stuck at home with you.

12. Watch Bon Voyage

If you have nobody to hang out with at home, don’t worry, you’re not alone! (Well, you are, but…) Join all the other ARMYs who are going on vicarious vacations right now with Bon Voyage!

13. Play BTS WORLD

Admit it. You’ve been stuck on Chapter ___ for months, so now you can finally progress in the game!

14. Watch all the animes BTS recommended

BTS have recommended many anime shows and movies over the years, such as Spirited Away. Watch them all now!

15. Workout at home

Are COVID-19 restrictions going to stop Jungkook from staying in shape? Heck no! Jungkook always finds a way to exercise with whatever tools are available to him. No weights? Try chairs and sofas (carefully!).

No leg machine? Jump on a swing!

Plus, pushups are always an option!