5 Commercials Featuring BTS That ARMYs Love

Who knew an ad would get over a million views in one week?

2018 has been a very successful year for BTS, but not just musically!

They also found a lot of success in advertisements, with many companies wanting BTS to endorse their product. Because an ad is not just an ad when BTS is involved.

Here are 5 commercials of 2018 featuring BTS that the fans loved and wouldn’t ever want to skip.

1. Puma X BTS

Towards the beginning of 2018, Puma came out with an advertisement featuring BTS.

This beautiful advertisement depicts BTS in a youthful setting, with a message to the viewers to dream big.

2. BTS BBQ Chicken

Chicken commercials are often (jokingly) used to define a celebrity’s status and popularity, as they are usually reserved for the top stars and idols to advertise.

So there’s no surprise that BTS would be in a chicken commercial!

The fun tune and atmosphere had ARMYs smiling along.

3. BTS X VT Cosmetics

BTS flaunted their charismatic and captivating charms in this cosmetics commercial. A great fit, since idols are known for their shiny smooth skin!

4. Hyundai Palisade with BTS

Car commercials have traditionally featured actors rather than singers or idols, so some fans were surprised to see BTS in Hyundai’s new advertisement.

BTS looks sleek and chic in suits and walking the red carpet!

5. Liiv X BTS by KB National Bank

BTS have even made it onto bank commercials, and it truly makes you wonder if there’s an advertisement they have not yet done.

This advertisement even has English subtitles included in the original video. KB National Bank knows that it won’t just be K-ARMY watching this ad!

With BTS, ads become content and fans show their love for it. Some of the advertisements have even gotten over a million views on YouTube.

BTS has endorsed such a wide variety of products in 2018. What will be next in 2019?


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