BTS’s Advice To Their Younger Selves Is The Best Life Advice You Can Get For Free

If you want to live your best life, BTS has you covered.

When asked what advice they would give to their younger selves by PAPER Magazine, knowing what they know now, BTS didn’t hesitate to answer.


1. RM

RM took the inspirational approach, telling his younger self not to spend too much time thinking. Instead, grab life by the reins and go out and do whatever it is you’d been debating.

If you’re debating whether to go or not, go.

2. Jin And Suga

For Jin and Suga‘s advice, they both agreed on the importance of studying English. Jin playfully told himself, “Jin, study English!” while Suga was softer in his approach. In other words, learning a new language only serves to benefit you.

Please study English.

3. J-Hope

J-Hope urges himself to stay strong by basking in the support of people who love him. He proves that there’s no harm in taking a step back to recover your strength by relying on people who are always by your side.

When things get tough, look at the people who love you! You will get energy from them.

4. Jimin

Jimin kept his advice for his past self short. Silence is just as important, if not more than speaking out. It’s unclear what he was addressing specifically, but it could be that listening and learning is often a better option. For his second half of advice, it’s all about using your time wisely.

Silence is golden. Don’t waste time.

5. V

V didn’t have any advice. In his eyes, what’s done is done. Instead, he congratulated himself on everything he’s been able to achieve since then. It’s easy to look back on everything you do wrong and forget to congratulate yourself on your achievements.

You worked hard! [Pat on the back.]

6. Jungkook

Jungkook focused on making sure his friends and family aren’t harmed by his mistakes and living life his life to the fullest. His advice might be the best yet: do your best to value your relationships while living as freely as you can.

Don’t lose the people beside you because of your mistakes and wrongs. And live [your life] to the fullest.


BTS’s advice to their younger selves doesn’t only apply to them and past times in their lives. It’s the advice of young men who have gained experience and wisdom from their struggles. If that isn’t the best advice to follow, what is?

Source: PAPER